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RE: Happy Goblin

in #drawing3 years ago

Whoa your goblin looks so grumpy! I think if he can keep praising Gwenabobo of her beauty frequently, I'm sure they will make great friendship of happy and grumpy together xD.
And I will treasure this post since I believe this is the first time you commented on my post ^______^.
Thank you :D.


who me or polyphemus? I have to have commented on your posting with this account before right?

This is the first time :).
It is good. My first goblin art and my first gnashter's comment all in one post <3.


You bested me, good cthulhu. Your search skill is superior than mine. I sit corrected lol.

In all honesty I could have sworn I had left you more comments than that :( I guess we have just interacted mostly on Discord. The sad thing is I have looked at, enjoyed and upvoted a ton of your art. I should be a better commenter. I am a busy eyeball I hope you forgive me <3

Don't worry cthulhu's eye, as long as you look and enjoy my art, I will forgive you. You're still better than Sauron in my book... for now.

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