Drawing Experiment - Recap

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A Recap To My Drawing / Improvement Challenge

Yesterday I finished my little self experiment. In order to see how much you can improve yourself I drew a daily sketch for seven days. Today I want to show you all the results from the first to the last sketch summed up in one post.

Gestern habe ich meine kleines Selbstexperiment beendet. Um zu sehen wie sehr man sich innerhalb der kurzen Zeit von 7 Tagen zu verbessern habe ich Täglich eine Zeichnung angefertigt. Heute möchte ich mit euch alle Ergebnisse im Vergleich präsentieren.


Down below you can see the the complete drawings. Sorted by the creation date

Weiter unten seht ihr die kompletten Zeichnungen. Sortiert nach dem Erstellungsdatum.

Day #1: Naruto Uzumaki


Day #2: Shikamaru Nara


Day #3: Skully


Day #4: An Eye For An Eye


Day #5: Portgas D. Ace


Day #6: Itachi Uchiha


Day #7: Kakashi Hatake


What is going to come next?

As I told you in the intro-post I was lacking in musical creativity when I had the idea to do something new in order to recharge my muse. It worked out really good. I already have a Track that is ready to be released here on steemit next week!

Wie in dem Intro-Post beschrieben hatte fehlte es mir etwas an musikalischer Kreativität als ich die Idee hate mal etwas anderes auszuprobieren um meine Muse wieder aufzuladen. Das hat super funktioniert. Ich habe bereits einen Track, der in den Startlöchern steht um hier auf Steemit released zu werden.

Check out the other drawings and the Sidibeat original music. Instrumentals as well as the rap songs.

The Sidibeat Tracks - Mixtape No #1

The Sidibeat Instrumentals - Mixtape No #2


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I wonder if someone drew the exact same artwork every day for 7 days how much they would improve.. hmm..

One of my german followers actually thought that I was going to do it this way when he saw my intro-post :D

This is actually a great idea, I'd love to try it. Thank you for the suggestion

I would try it too lol

wow, really promising art and good idea! Keep it up, thank you for posting (:

Wirklich tolle Bilder. Ich wünschte ich könnte auch so gut malen.

I love ur work ,it's a real passion and courage to post ur work, i love the sketch! keep the good work congrats

Oh thanks @faresellouz :) Glad that you like it!

@sidibeat definitely deserves your votes... These drawings are really really amazing. I loved all of them .. Keep it up buddy

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good learning technique I will take into account making sketches day after day, I will follow you and support you success

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thanks, happy today

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