Spider Coccoon

in #drawing4 years ago (edited)

There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


Cooool, delicate and lovely. I love your unique artistic style. Our winter in Poland isn't very eager to leave, too. But the weather forecasts are promising :) I had no idea that Australia doesn't have snow, and only in the mountains. So I actually learned something new today hehe :)

Soft and strong at the same time...just like you!

hahaha.... im more like weird shaped and bouncy :D but thank you zeroooo!!!! <3

No snow for me. Just a constant 30-ish degrees all year round (unless I travel somewhere).

that is very constant tropicality for chooooooo :O

I think the highest we've had here was 46C and that was plenty bloody hot enough, even just the one extra degree sounds pretty hell XD

Still, I don't like the cold, even if it doesn't get so cold here ;D

Love the shading on the furry bit, looks so soft!


IT WAS LIKE HELL ; __ ; i had this frozen bottle of water with me all throughout the day just to touch and hold XD XD

i like the cold better than the heat because my brain just wouldn't function in the warms

ty ryry <3

Thank you for this sweet drawing, @veryspider! ^.^
Such delicate girl. <3 <3 <3
Luckily, the snow is already gone in my hometown, spring is coming, days are warmer and the sun is shining bright - just how I love it. ^^
Almost all the trees bloom and soon will have "snow" of blossoms. ^^

ooooooh that sounds so beautiful, katalina * ___ * i love spring because it is very beautiful and all the colours are coming back <3 im glad spring's almost at your doorstep <3 <3 sounds amazing <3 <3

snow of blossoms is such a beautiful way to put it * ___ *

Oooo Beautiful, and very delicate. Oh and you got touched by the gracious finger of Curie! Congrats :)

where curie finger ? :O

wants wants

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