Sunday art

in #drawing3 years ago (edited)

I've been planning to draw this since the summer and I finally got the motivation for it this sunday.


Here is my work step by step. Actually everything started 2 weeks ago when I first draw it with pencil. And this sunday I bought paint and I decided to finish it.



If I have to be honest I was really worried if it will come out good or I will ruin the whole wall 😃 It took me more than 4 hours to finish it...bjt after all this was the result.


And Murie was soo curious about it...I should say 😃



Lovely! Makes me want to climb on the branches and build a few tree houses.
I think we have the same cat. Is that a chartreux?

Hah, thanks. My cat is british shorthair, so I gusss it's not the same like yours but similar :)

Yes very similar. Mine's just a tad bit fatter (ok... much fatter)
Here's an old post I made a few months ago to show you what she looks like:

Omg I saw it..she's amazing...I really like big cats. I can't wait until mine grow up 😁

Cracking piece looks like little houses in the branches love it! 💯🐒

Thank youuuu

Very cool I also did some murals
I love it ❤️

Very nice art, I wanted to do something like this for my room! Good job!

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