Inktober 2018 Day 2 – Tranquil: My Idea of Tranquil | Drawing

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Hi, friends!

I recently just posted for the theme of “Poisonous” as the entry for Day 1. Also, I had a link last year about Inktober here in case you just heard of it today.

Hence, the theme for Day 2 is “Tranquil” based on the prompt list. As I have stated in my previous posts about Inktober, we know that the prompt list is not strictly supposed to be theme for the challenge of every day, but it can be a guide.

So, I turned to drawing my own sense of “tranquil”. It is reading books and drinking hot brewed coffee as you sit on your favorite couch as it was heavily pouring outside. Yeah, I know we had our different ideas of having a tranquil situation, but this is what it means for me. :)

1. Outline

For the first part, I drew a chair with arms extending as one hand held a cup of coffee and the other a book. A magician’s hat also was a plus in getting into character. This first part was supposed to be the backside of the person sitting on a chair.

Next, I add a table in front of the chair. Now, a slice of cake, a glass, a few more books, and a scroll is placed on the table as one book is on the floor.

Then, a spread of curtain was drawn above the chair as some of the cloth extended to the floor at the left and right sides of the chair.

A window is then drawn behind the curtains with rain outside.

2. Shading and Details

For the next part, I shaded the lines on the curtains, the edges of the couch, couch’s legs, table, tables’ legs, magician’s hat, the long sleeves, the slice of cake, and glass for emphasis.

3. Final Look

Lastly, I gave my signature at the bottom of this photo before posting it. So, tadaa~!

Pens used for this drawing were a black retractable RX P5 Faber-Castell pen, a black Pilot G-Tec-C4 of 0.3 point pen, and a correction tape *if you noticed the white portion on the right leg of the couch since I curved it a way too far.

Things I have learned in drawing for “Tranquil”

  1. Know where your sunlight is before you give the shadings.
    A good friend of mine @Judeee told me that the shadows I gave the curtains can be adjusted depending on where the light comes from. So in this case, it can be the darkest for the curtains farthest from the window and brightest where it is closest to the window. :)
  2. Use a thicker pen point for emphasis.

And this, my friends, is the final photo of my entry for the theme “Tranquil”.

Also, if you also wish to take part in the Inktober 2018 challenge, grab your inking materials and paper, draw a work of art for each day of October using ink (pens can be used ^_^), and post them online. You can also choose whatever form of online site as social networking sites also count (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Got a question, feedback, or tip for me? Feel free to comment below. :)

Thank you for dropping by this post!

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