22# Drawitbetter Contest - "Flower" Winners & New Theme!

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Hello everyone, I hope you're well.

Again, it's my pleasure to announce the winners of last week #drawitbetter contest. I want to thank everyone for participating and supporting. Without further ado, the winners:


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3rd place:@winizart


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2nd place:@amalinavia


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1st place:@kleonella

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What is Drawitbetter & how to join?

As artist beginner, I want to improve and motivate myself & others. Every week, I'm making a drawing with a new theme. To join, all you have to do is create your art with the same theme.
All types of painting techniques and styles are welcome!

Here's my drawing of this week's new theme; The Simpsons Characters:


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  • Your entry post must be titled: "Drawitbetter Contest".
  • One of your tags has to be #drawitbetter.
  • Use only your original work and provide drawing process.
  • Your time is up when this post is 8 days old.
  • Upvote this post.
  • Have fun! :)

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    Winners will receive the liquid portion of SBD & STEEM raised from this post.
First place50%
Second place30%
Third place20%

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For this contest, there will always be 2 judges.
First, @kid4life and second @madlenfox.

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@fbslo is delegating me some steem power to help the participation.
(You are a few click's away from supporting us back...)

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I hope that this contest will be the opportunity & motivation for all of you. I wish good luck to everyone participating.

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I congratulate all the winners!!! I wish all participants good luck in the new competition :).
Great topic. I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun. :)

Thank you @sirsensei!)
Congratulations to all participants with the start of a new stage of the contest))

Thanksss <3 Congratulations to all winners !

Thank you very much). I look forward to the new stage of your contest)

I just love the new theme! I'll sure take part on this contest!