A letter to Musk's Neuralink company

in #dream3 months ago

Elon Musk owned a very magical company------Neuralink

This company plan to make a chip to connect the AI and human brain. So the people can control their body(mechanical arm or leg) through their mentality.So the people can get normal life back.But this is just the first stage.

The 2nd stage will be the organs of the human body, If one of human's organs is broken or demaged. Then we can use the mechanical heart instead to continue their lives.

The 3rd stage will be the brain.But it will be very difficlut depend on our technology at present.

But I have a different idea. That is why I wrote this letter to Elon Musk.

We can use this chip to control the human's dream.

Normally people will use 6-8 hours to sleep. If we can make a chip to connect our dream to record our dreams. Then we can find millions of new ideas. As you know,there will be millions of possibility in our dreams.

In our dreams, we will be totally free from the reality. We can dream anything and do anything.So it will produce millions of magic ideas of technologies, music, food,fashion,etc. It will make a totally new world in our dream.

Looking forward to this day soon......