Prepping for Dreamhack!

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dreakhack may 19.jpg

Tomorrow there's 35k people expected to go through Dallas for Dream Hack. I'll be repping Splinterlands, Steem, and spread the gospel of blockchain.

Should be fun.


w00t w00t! Good luck!!

pushed your comment up over 10 cnte, and i gave everyone below with $0.00 a at leasrt $0.01 comment upvote, to thank steemmonsters for all the free cards i have been able to sell, some for liek $19.99 and I didnt even know i had them!

Looking good!
Were you the first one there?😂

I see you have candy for to bribe people??? #excellent

Have fun! Much wow!

Yes candy!! Good luck. Booth looks good.

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Great job, your spot looks good. I am sure you will do the Splinterlands and Steem Communities Proud.

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Heck Yes!!

Go get em tiger!

Wish I could come visit dallas.

Hey is aggroed also making a game on EOS that has similar art style? Its cool to have games on steem tron and eos

hey is this eos pegged token from the real steem-engine @aggroed? is this beta testing for new eos pegged token?

Dude, This is going to be CRAZY when we have Steem-engine adding EOS and stocks like apple amazon etc like aggroed mentioned as he said he was getting a brokers license :D !!!

SteemIt Ackza.png

@aggroed is our Hero!

one of them...


Nice~!!! Go for it~!!!!!

How much do you think I’ll be able to get for my @steemmonsters shirt on @steembay in 10 years?

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Hell yeah, good luck out there! I’m loving the SM update, and having in-game smart contract currencies live will be a cool thing to showcase.

You guys are awesome :) Save me a shirt

Wow, finally a marketing attempt that doesn't destroy current players collections value. Good job!!!

Spread the word out there. ;)

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This is very great news! Wish to be part of this great family

Good luck! And Thanks for your work!!
I love splinterlands!

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Best of luck with the event, have fun!

Good luck to you, we all thought to support you.

Dude, you're going to get inundated.

Heck yeah good luck brotha!!

Good luck and have fun :)

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They'll love steemmmonsters. Good luck1

Oh snap!! Be sure to drink tons of coffee 😂😎

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Wow thats awesome. Would be funny if we see sometimes a Splinterlands tourney there :D

Hell yeah! Have fun brother

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