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RE: Analyse This Dream #1 - The Deep Red Tattoos

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How was I not able to see this before!? We have been talking about my acuity of being a seasoned investigator while the post that is most worthy of being analyzed go unnoticed? Unforgivable!

There was a time in my life when I was an astute student of dreams, but I'm a bit rusty, so I'll give it the old college try. The scene of black and white in a school setting suggests that your subconscious is hearkening you back to that time. The out-of-place color, in this case red, signifies something of importance that needs to stand out among the rest. But, that's just all aesthetic.

What I really want to explore is the more esoteric aspect of it. People often think that it signifies something that happened back then that you need to explore, but I think it's your subconscious being weighed down by the past. Maybe you're life is moving forward quickly or events sometimes blur, and you just want to stop for a second and relish the moments. Red is the color of anger, but it's also the color of passion. Perhaps you need to rekindle a lost passion that you feel you've been overlooking. Am I getting warm?

If not, then I blame it on my Computer Science degree.


ooooh I like it! Life does indeed seem to be moving forwards quickly right now.... hmmmm anger/passion... I don't know....It's possible that I was a bit annoyed with my self around then, does that count?

Being weighed down by the past.... also possibly.

You, Jed, are spooky.


Haha! One of my fav characters ever. :)

Aha! We have the same taste in TV series :D

I think we do indeed!

You like the good stuff, right? Me too!!