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I love cappuccino but sometimes we must be careful,the same for coffee.

The trend is confirmed by Istat
The ISTAT confirms it: the vegetable cappuccino is much more appreciated than the one characterized by the presence of cow's milk, in short, the traditional cappuccino as we have begun to know - and to appreciate - in many.

Soy, rice and legumes drinks have become part of the Istat basket for the first time last year and seem to be increasingly successful, despite the fact that they are more financially committed than cow's milk.

Vegetable drinks: the hidden faces of a success
The success of the vegetable cappuccino - that is the recipe that uses soy milk or rice milk - is also due to the increase in cases of people who are convinced of suffering from lactose intolerance, but without any scientific evidence situation.

Lactose intolerance exists, is widespread and has many links with the ethnic group. The data on this subject speak clearly and remind us that, for example, it is particularly frequent among African populations, while it is almost non-existent in countries such as Finland.

In any case, before proceeding with the drastic reduction of lactose intake it is advisable to consult a specialist and undergo the natural diagnostic procedure.

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