Draken DeFi Chain. (DRK) Exhaustive Review of DRK DEX, DeFi Trading Platform.

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In recent times, the trading community had been engulfed by series of problems. Some of which are Cybercrime activities Insecure ICOs, Error in user address, Losing a wallet file, Lack of price uniformity, Transaction delays in cryptocurrency trading, Fake news, Scam and Ponzi schemes, Forex and binary challenges, Price manipulation.
The coming on board of the The Hibtc trading platform is a commendable step towards scratching the surface of this challenge.

The last few years has witnessed a massive disruption in development of exchange platform for crypto currency of which different platform created has their own distinct features and functionalities that differentiate them one from others exchange platform. This has always been the frontier of design, development and implementation of any exchange platform and it will continue to be a perpetual order and factors for which exchange platform are built. In fact this concept is known to be more than just notion; that different users accept, embraces and use different exchange platform. That is; every users always see something special in a particular exchange platform which can varies from exchange securities to other functionalities. However, all this crypto currency exchange platforms has their own unique weaknesses that unnecessarily raise users’ curiosity on their asset on an exchange platform and even strengthen the doubt amidst them. It is a major onus faced by the traditional crypto currency exchange platform in our generation. You know what?

Problem of Blockchain
Current blockchains suffer from several limitations that are inhibiting usability and adoption. Overcoming these limitations will be necessary if the technology is to meet its true promise.
Some of this problem are:

  1. Scalability
  2. Limited Programming Ecosystem
  3. Blockchain Security Vulnerabilities
  4. Usability
  5. Governance Mechanisms

1 ) Scalability
A completely decentralized system where financial actions that require a high level of trust. hard limits on the number of transactions that can be processed in a specified time interval. Almost all of the well-known first-generation blockchain systems have hard limits on the number of transactions.
Conventional blockchains like Ethereum are now constrained in transactional throughput because of the nature of their protocol and blockchain design. Currently, the primary design structure of most existing systems is a linear linked-list style blockchain.

2 ) Limited Programming Ecosystem
Blockchain-based smart contracts have also ushered in a new era of computational law whereby contracts are backed and agreed on by a blockchain which is unbiased and universally prevalent.
Ethereum Virtual Machine was a significant step-up from the highly limited (by design) Bitcoin programming environment. However, with increasing adoption; the EVM has hit design limits and security pitfalls.
So, although Ethereum created the application development aspect on a blockchain, building complex applications remains very difficult.
3 ) Blockchain Security Vulnerabilities
Ethereum protocol being vulnerable have been reported – which bodes well for their security considering these networks have now been around for years.
However, application layer security has been inadequate thus far. Lackluster application layer security has resulted in multiple incidents from the Parity Multi-Sig Wallet issue
4 ) Usability
Providing feature-rich tools for third-party developers has not been a priority as of yet. This has had a negative impact on system security.
5 ) Governance
First-generation blockchains didn’t foresee the governance challenges that a decentralized system, with no central party, would face. Hence, we have witnessed the divisive Bitcoin scaling debates and Ethereum forks which illustrate that governance mechanics should be part of the blockchain protocol.


Solution to this Problem
- DRAKEN (DRK) provides solution in all the aspects.
All parts of the system operate in a decentralized manner and are not controlled by any company or

DRAKEN (DRK): an innovative crypto ecosystem birthed by new ideas that are yet to reach most of the people has come to revamp the crypto exchange platform . Many are yet to understand what exactly DRK exchange platform is and this make my point that the idea is new. However, it is quintessential that all successful crypto holders, newbies and those nurturing an interest in the crypto world understand what they stand to gain for making use of this amazing platform.


DRK CHAIN is a high security organized crypto hold with center usage of blockchain as budgetary framework with transverse crypto adopters towards a decentralized, non-available and feasible medium. DRK CHAIN manages a blockchain stage for private crypto oaning and significantly crypto account in improvement of financing of blockchain based ventures in the open and age of incomes for her also, its locale.
DRK is the long awaited Crypto trading platform every crypto lover has ever wished for.

DRK is a decentralized stage for the current budgetary segments of the Draken Group's advanced financial framework. The objective of DRK is to accumulate all the data put away in a decentralized genuine record and change installment measures and budgetary techniques. Therefore, installment would get less expensive, more advantageous, and safer with a large group of robotization capacities.

DRK stage is basically a creative blockchain stage stick heading the mission of Feasible Worldwide Decentralized Budgetary Framework .The Draken Gathering Digital Financial system is the parent association that imagined DRK decentralized stage. Promptly , Draken Gathering has been in action for quite a while increasing commonsense involvement with Digital Financial structure . Draken Gatherings utilize the upside of blockchain development into the budgetary structure to help the sufficiency of their cash related organizations. This will engage customers to acknowledge more affordable, gainful, snappier and more clear budgetary organizations. Draken offers no matter how you look at it decentralized endeavor stage which enable any customers to get , store , contribute and trade using blockchain and DApps in a trust-less path without the relationship of any operator or center individual. Draken stage is 100% decentralized ,sees security and prosperity of examiners and sellers resources as need. DRK revolves around offering the best financial organizations for the overall customers , accordingly operating latest Decentralized progressions in the DeFi space to offer the overall customers no matter how you look at it Platform where everyone wherever on the world can get to their distinctive Decentralized cash related things and organizations https://draken.exchange/


There are several features which distinguish D from traditional exchanges. They are listed below

  • Security

  • Every user has the right to borrow from DRK exchange( terms and conditions apply)

  • Zero fees

  • Secured digital wallet

  • High secured storage system for fits and crypto-currencies

  • Speedy deposits and withdrawals

  • Multi-lingual and user intuitive system

  • Using Smart Contracts on the Blockchain, we create the world’s leading decentralized trading platform.

  • Easy exchanges

  • Franchising is based on a marketing concept which can be adopted by an organization as a strategy for business expansion, franchise will make every user to vote for any prefer coin they wanted on Draken Exchange.

  • Governance: power for electors to modify key boundaries over all Draken Dapps (Kompound, Insurance, and so on.)

  • Possibilities of making payments in fiats and crypto-currencies

Draken DEX is a serious decentralized trade in 3 fundamental perspectives:


1. Convenience: You just need to sign in by interfacing with your wallet (through Metamask, Trustwallet, or other Dapp program) once. You don't have to switch between various blockchain networks while exchanging.

2. Security: All of your saved assets are protected. The entirety of your digital currency wallet addresses (for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and so forth.) are produced from your signed in wallet signature. The private key of your DEX wallet addresses can't be gotten to by any gathering including the DEX makers.

3. Crosschain: Draken DEX permits you to flawlessly exchange between digital forms of money on any blockchain network (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and so on.)

4. Dapp: Draken DEX is coordinated with all of Draken future Dapps including DRKompound, DRK Insurance, DRK Swap, and so forth.

Clients can play different kinds of Matches and overwhelm endlessly.Games on Draken stage is exceptionally direct considering the way that they are filled on blockchain Brilliant arrangement. There is no space for cheating . Customers instantly get their victorious prizes on their specific wallet. You dont need to remain by consistently to get your prizes . It is a gaming stage that is freed from human control since its controlled and directed by Blockchain sharp arrangements. Winning are paid clearly by the splendid arrangements to the customers wallet.

DRK stage offers a Gaming stage which empower clients to exploit from the fair-minded , straightforward and completely decentralized Gaming stage . The stage offers wide scope of GAMES which permits clients to mess around In a decentralized and straightforward gaming environment . The Gaming stage offered by DRK is controlled by Smart Contract which guarantees 100% straightforwardness and mechanization in the running of the stage and installment of rewards . It is a WIN - FOR-ALL Gaming stage fueled by savvy contracts .Users can picked any sort of Game in the stage and play at whenever . As a decentralized gaming stage , it runs day in and day out and no end time. Clients who win gets their rewards in a flash in their wallet.

The DRK convention's confided in arrangement

The explanation the DRK convention is profoundly effective is that we join Boneh-Boyen signature what's more, Pedersen-style duties into a solitary responsibility plot with a profoundly productive run evidence installed into the dedication. This comes at the expense of requiring an information base of elliptic bend focuses to be produced before the DaRK convention can be utilized. This information base is needed to develop verifications, however isn't expected to confirm them.
Somewhat like ZCash, this believed arrangement produces a 'harmful material' private key and if information on that private key is spilled, it very well may be utilized to successfully twofold spend, and the convention gets unusable.

DRK is an advancement blockchain network which offers answer for the business issues . DRK DEX with cross chain include and different exchanging administrations gave will pull in enormous quantities of clients inside the most limited timeframe . Each merchant merits comfort , security and productivity. DRK DEX all offers all these. DRK Chain will be a Haven to new ventures who need to construct their undertakings in a solid and exceptionally versatile organization framework . This is a generally excellent blockchain venture I ever gone over.

For more information please visit
Official Website: https://draken.tech/
Whitepaper: http://bit.ly/DRKpaper
Telegram : https://t.me/Drakentech
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DRKDEX
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DRKDeFi
Medium : https://medium.com/@DRKDeFi

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