Vail Colorado Drone Flight 4th of July 2018

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My family and I are spending a few days up in Vail Colorado for the 4th of July Celebration. Today I took the drone out for a little overview flight so you guys can check it out. This is my favorite ski area in the state of Colorado. This place is certainly busy in the wintertime but, just as many people seem to come up here during the summer because there are so many activities. Enjoy.


Wow, such an amazing video.What an outlook! Seems that you had enjoyed your trip very well.Really it's an awesome sky area.Thanks for sharing with us sir.

Very cool. This is the first video I've made from drone footage. Had someone who had a drone do the video and I edited and put together. So much fun.

LOL not competing. Yours is more entertaining. MIne is to help sell real estate.

Looks awesome, hope you and your family have a great time celebrating American independence!!!

Beautiful place to live in.lovely natural are lucky to have this place.enjoy yourself with your family.

Very beautiful place. Love to live here. Enjoy the summer.

Very nice nature OG, the city looks amazing as well. Hope you and your family had a great time! But if I had to pick one place to chill at... Nice shots!


Have a good one! Bye!

Wow @broncnutz drone camera is amazing,great scenes.

@broncnutz, its always fun having free time with family having no work to do.

Looks like a pretty sweet spot!! I have always wanted to try riding down the mountain on bikes. I can imagine you get some nice speed if you let it open up but I’d hate to hit a rock and got flying over the handle bars. That would be something.

You see it is a very nice place and the best are the different activities you can do with your family! I hope you have a great and take many photos to share with us

Awesome drone footage! Can't go wrong with Colorado scenery! :)

Hey cool video, I live in Denver and am a drone enthusiast. I'm actually about to start posting drone videos on here, as Colorado is just so beautiful and perfect for drone shots.
Just a heads up Drones are banned on all the ski resorts, so just make sure you aren't flying in the no fly zones.
Enjoy your 4th of July up there!

Hello friend how are you,this is really amazing is this your country.

This is really awesome sir,loving these scenes.

A very nice place ,heaven on earth!

Great video. thanks for share this video. i really liked this.

It turns out that you are a Ski enthusiast @broncnutz, I really like it and someday I will take a walk while skiing ..., a very nice celebration by spending time with family.

A very nice place to choose from
A really good photo
I wish you and your family a beautiful summer
I wish you the best times, my dear

Wow really you are enjoying wonderful and amazing place! Hope you enjoying lots with your family. Nicely taken the video that really enjoyed and liked, now i wish i could go there!

Very nice place and very good view !! the drones changed the world view.

I take this opportunity to invite you to read my first post.

I hope you enjoy.

we follow you, we read you and we are watching you;)

Beautiful view from drone . How much cost of drone camera ?

Around 1500 usd

So these are places you are taking your family?
Wow. So beautiful. Enjoy the summer air

What an amazing place filled with greenery and mountains. It really looks fantastic. You would have been enjoying a lot with your family. Have a nice day!

Ah man the Colorodianinains seem so close to being Canadians when I meet em. That looks like something out of the Canadian Wilderness and the town seems to be tucked in so well at the bottom of the mountain.

While I am not craving any skiing right now, I don't miss the winter. Would love to make it down there and find some awesome Colorado craft beer and check out the Blue moose for some pizza!

Thanks for sharing OG.

Denver and Calgary are really olmost the same place.

Beautiful video to check out and those views from the top are simply incredible awesome day you are having

Hello Sir, Really Vail Colorado is a beautiful place to look at your video. Around the mountain, the small lake in Vail Colorado.

colorado is the best beautiful place for injoy with your family. best of luck.

I am very satisfied and happy to see your video is very beautiful and interesting. I love the vodeo of you.

Great stay and of course a great summer in the state of Colorado for you and the fam hope to receive more in here about your goings in the state.

you doing really good work much appreciated

thats a really good vid..amazing area.hope enjoyed a good time..

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Lol...what are you talking about? I’m only 300 feet off the ground, no planes are affected.

LOL. You didn't affect 10,000 people with that video? Sorry your response made me laugh.

really it is a wonderful place... i wish you have a very good time.
Have a beautiful day.. :)

Wowo, hope so you really enjoyed this trip , the drop views really great so , you guy always enjoy us with your beautiful video
Great job buddy