Before the tourist season in a sleepy mountain town...

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It is the best time of the season here as were are not mobbed to the campers wishing they could have a full time residence in the mountains.

Usually this beach is bustling with water worshipers and spashing children trying to cool off.

We launched at our local observatory which is another awesome place to hangout when the sun goes down. It is open to the public.

I hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for supporting me Cheers

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What a wonderful flight to wake up to..just beautiful @johnnycopper1!! Played without any pausing on dtube as well! Love love love it!! ❤ 😊

Thank you so much @deerjay. I'm glad you enjoyed it. My buddy has our next flight planned out, can't wait to go there. I figured why I couldn't post on dtube. USER ERROR hehe. I bought some filters and it helped a lot. Enjoy your morning ;) ❤️❤️❤️

Awesome!! Glad you got it figured out and I was wondering about the! Have a wonderful Sunday!! xoxo

Beautiful... Great job with your drone, cool!

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Thanks @hadimemories I'm working on a video for the next road theme contest :)

Thank you my friend :)

Where is this place?

A tiny town in the mountains of New York. Called Tupper Lake. It started with lumber jacks and fur traders.

I wish my drone would work at this time of the year

Why, I hope all the snow is gone by now :)

It is luckily. I have a "signal lost" problem. I have opened my drone and controller and everything is fine. I have tried 4 DJI Go app version and 2 different firmwares. Tomorrow I will try using modded Dji go app with fake gps location and 2 year old firmware. I live in EU and DJI apparently limited the range on every drone here.

Dji has great hardware, but they have really botched up on all their apps. To this day I haven't used dgi go 4. Litchi all the way. It was totally worth the money. Never glitched out on me yet. Even the waypoints work flawlessly.

Was thinking, have you tried to fly without using any apps? Just connect the drone with controller. You probably did...

The flight range is limited to 50 meters when not using the app