Buddy Up. Word of the Week. Unreachable.

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Howdy folks'.

Buddy Up word of the week is Unreachable. I have to write about something unreachable, how do I do that if I cannot reach it? Such is the task they set before me.

Each week a word is chosen to be wrote about and this week is unreachable. A show is hosted in the Buddy Up server and the word is also discussed from the alternative view points that get brought up during the show and presentation of the posts.
You are welcome to join us in the show in the Buddy Up discord server
Simply write a post on some thoughts about unreachable and come join us on Monday's at 8 PM UK Time. (7 PM UTC). Use the tag dopintheocean in the post. Look forward to seeing you there.

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The end of this post may be just that unreachable, if I don't keep typing this time. Several times I have began to write this and paused for some reason or other. (Mostly someone entered the chat).

Unreachable. I was trying to break this word down to try make ache come out, but it always turns out ach, That just sounds like bullshit and that would have been what I typed.

Unreachable does not mean unobtainable. One can at times be confused. Let us suppose I wanted something from the top shelf and cannot reach it, To me it is unreachable. (yea I could go buy a step ladder) without assistance it is unreachable. Support or extension would be needed for me to reach the height needed. It is not unobtainable though. With assistance of some kind it can be reached and gained.

Unreachable does not mean impossible.

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I am a great success at unreachable myself. The Steem blockchain is testimony to that itself. This would be true if the things I have said turn out to be right and those who make best use of the concept grow best. That is my belief anyway. Which point is the perpetual point is down to interpretation of time and benefit. To my mind any beginning is a start.

I am by far not the first person to have the same type concept. This same concept was brought forward many times by many others throughout history. History did not have the same ingredients we have available to us now. Crypto is the glue that will hold things together. It can be the grease the keeps the cogs turning, the oil to keep the engine pumping. The lubricant to keep things running smoothly. Or it can go the other way and be used to control us.

This is the way that is being pushed by those with influence. This force will ultimately win with time. It has the power to create laws that control the assets you hold. You have your quantity of assets to defend yourself with. Which can cost you your asset in fee's. There is no entity there that holds your interests at heart. there is no one wanting to make sure your interests are cared for.

Should there not be one?

I look at the Steem chain and I fail here to see how to reach some of the goals set for the long term progress of the Steem chain.

A year ago I was typing about the need for people to do what they are attempting to do now. That is work industry into the chain. The need to grow a use for Steem outside of the Steem chain. I say this is even more prudent now than before. Bigger problems are coming now while we attempt to catch up on what should have started before my arrival to the chain and not 16 months later.

Upcoming is a bigger financial and influential battle that will need to be fought. Bigger fish are moving to the ponds creating private ponds and oceans that have the backing to help them succeed.

For the investment given to projects by Steem Inc. It could already have a secured future by the income generation created from the same investment or less.

So far people are unreachable to me. The concepts I think are lost in the translation, distance or interpretation. I am truly an example of unreachable. There's me and all of you,

But what if you are all swimming the wrong way.

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Looks like you used to get more replies.

It goes up and down I guess.

Guess everything fluctuates

was a bigger membership back then too. yes?

Much bigger. people left for different reasons over time

need to find more people to vote on too

Will look into it.

how much hive are you up to?

almost 25% to the 100 mark, getting there gradually.

22.7 at the moment

Just keep swimming :) !tipuvote 0.3

I’m current unreachable due to excessive workload and random illness.

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But! we can still reach you on Steem ;)

You have an unassuming way of making me think of things differently. I think because you are probably less emotional. It's usually good to read or hear your words because of that.

"Unreachable does not mean unobtainable."

As simple as that paragraph was in which you talked about reaching for the item, it was indeed impactful.

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Thank you. Sometimes the feeling is that I think different to everyone else. Or maybe I do not know why others do not think the same way as I do.

For the emotion, they run deep. The speech or words are like the surface. But still water run deep.

Decisiveness and experience

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The end of this post may be just that unreachable

That made coffee go spewing out of me! LOL

Nice post!

lol, That was more meant as pun for the reader not reaching the end.

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