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RE: Encryption, upgrades, and VO.3 release

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sounds good, only thing i would suggest would be for units.
the units should be produced in intervals of their production time.

if 1 knifer takes 57s.
and 10 takes 9m 32s.

then your total knifer unit amount should go up by 1 every 57s, not add 10 at the end of 9m 32s.
idk if this has been done already or considered but im just stating it here....


I would point out that units are trained in batches in the real world. Buildings can only be built one at a time, but the Army trains in batches.

We will take it into consideration. Thank you for your input, we appreciate your idea and value your opinion.

hi - I found another new bug in the new version of @drugwars and I will not attach any pictures but you can check my drugwars account as admin:

i made on today morning five successful attacks with good gains.... but .....the gains were not added into my dashboard...

i mean for example... my dashboard is showing that i have 5.1k drugs, i have gained from the battle 3k, then after refreshing the screen, the total should be 8.1k... but no sir, it is still the same 5.1.

the same is said for other 2 items, weapon and alcohols..

can you check it and fix please...

There is a bug in the new version of @drugwars dashboard

Since few hours and i am still facing the same defect in the dashboard of my account on @drugwars game.

I have drugs points more than the required drug points in the facility required but still the color is red.

The same is said about other two points in different other locations too

Can you please check this defect...

Please refer to the screenshot

Thank you

No one answers me since couple days.. so i keep trying xD

"I have a question @drugwars .

Maybe people that are blacklisted from @buildawhale will not receive the upvotes, or it is just a feeling? Can you clear it? Thanks!"

Please dont make automated replies like this. or we will flag them., Reply with an actual comment, youre getting paid too much for that automated response shit. This isnt ATT

My comment was not automated. I am generally thankful for your input and every input and idea that any player has. I appreciate them. However, I understand where you are coming from and will be careful in the future not to give you the wrong idea.