The 2.8 is what you are paying in translated to dollars the 6.36 is STEEM

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Hello @erikaflynn thank you for your interest in the game, you pay 6.36 STEEM (2.8 is the value of STEEM in $)

I think to clear this up it: instead of the dash ( - ) it should be (or)

Clear things up further, don't include the USD price

I think it should be replaced by the equal symbol (=) ;)

Woow, until now I understand that. Thanks.

Youre right, even i was very very confused bythis in the very beginning, because theer is no = sign... This does NOT look like $2.8 OR 6.36 steem.... it is NOt clear @drugwars and you BETTER change it and put the word "Or" oin there so people KNOW .... also why even show the dollar amount? This is steem so lets just have teh STEEM amount and maybe show us dollar amount when you hoverover BITCH

It seems we were heard:-) Now it looks not so confusing