How Much Resources Is Really Safe On Drug Wars After The Battle?

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On this photo it shows I got up to 18.75K drugs safe, 11.88k weapons safe and 11.88K alcohol on safe. I wonder why during the battle I lost 1.37K drugs, 511 weapons, 1.65K alcohol if I have not reached the limit of safety yet? As you can see on the photo by the time I took a screen capture my drugs production is at 6.65K . How is it possible that I lose some drugs. For the weapons I am only making 691 a day and this battle took place while I was sleeping which did not take me the whole day so why did I lose 511 weapons considering I should have 11.88K safe. How does this thing about safety work really? Do you know kindly leave a comment


Hello @london65 you didn't lose that resource there, the resources you mentioned that's what you had when they attacked you, you didn't lose anything at all, don't worry.

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Thank you for your reply. The numbers are in red LOL. You can't blame me

Yeah, we might change the colors since it's confusing.