Drugwars - How to Withdraw Future Coin to Your Obyte Wallet ( Detailed Step by Step)

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Some of you may be confused on how to set up an Obyte wallet and withdraw your Future drugwars currency.
With the new feature added in drugwars allowing you to "Claim Tokens"

This short tutorial will show you step by step on what to do!

Firstly download the Obyte wallet from here


Copy the whole link if ya want to be supportive and use a brothas ref link.
Click either "download wallet" option.

I recommend not fully syncing if you want your tokens to show sooner.

Once you have completed the installation of the wallet
Navigate to the burger symbol on the top left of the wallet.
buger symbol.PNG

Make sure the Plain Wallet tab is selected.
Proceed to enter a name for your wallet.
Then Hit Create.

Hit the chat button in the bottom right of the wallet.
Click Bot Store
Find " Steem attestation bot"
Begin chatting.

Navigate to your wallet you have just created located in the home tab of the wallet.
Hit the Setting icon next to your newly created wallet name,
Click advanced,
Wallet Information,
Scroll down to "All Wallet Addresses"
And copy the address.

Head back to the Steem bot chat and paste your copied wallet address.
Hit enter/send
The bot will then send you a link to authorize your steemconnect.
Authorize it.

Next, the bot will ask
"Store your Steem username privately in your wallet or post it publicly?"

Then click the next link the bot provides and Sign the message.

Congratulations, You have now set up your Future Coin Wallet.

Head back to drug wars and withdraw your Future!


Fix that ref link, manually enter [pretty text in brackets] (entire mile long link in parenthesis) without the space in the middle.

This is a markdown anchor, and is used for getting people to click on mile long links like that. Currently markdown has broken your link, you won't get ant refs that way.

Sweet tutorial though.

Thanks for letting me know that. Im not gonna worry about it. Prob wont get any ref anyway lol. Thanks for the appreciation on the tut! Tried my best!

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Thank you 🙏 much needed

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No problem @mcoinz79
Glad to help!

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Yup, awesome info and tutorial!!👊🏼👍🏼🙏🏽💯😎

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:D Thank you streetstyle for the thoughtful comment!😃😊

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Thanks for making this tutorial.
It was very easy!
Hmm now what to do with this free future coin ?
Have an awesome day!

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Np! Thanks for the resteem! Much appreciated.
I no expert but I was thinking maybe hold it? Idk. Maybe the price will rise on the coin or whatever and we could gain more profits... or worst case lose. I need more information on the coin and how its really gonna be used in drugwars to make a better prediction.

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I was hoping you guys saw my tutorial post!
I tried very hard to give the best noob friendly tutorial!

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