Want To Earn More Steem? Play Drugwars

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What is Drugwars?
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Drugwars is a web game. This game is related with Steem Blockchain. A steemian can earn steem from this game. You need a steemit account to play this game.

How to login on Drugwars?

  • At first open this link.
  • Click on START.
  • Then you will automatically go to page of Steemconnect.
  • Then click on Continue.
  • Select your steemit account.

Then you will automatically entered on Drugwars.

How to play this game?

There are many buildings on Drugwars. You can upgrade those buildings by using resources. What is resources of Drugwars? Drugs, weapon, alchohol is the resources of Drugwars. You can fight with another player of Drugwars and loot their resources. You can invest drugs on bank.

How can you earn steem from Drugwars?

  • Go to Drugwars.
  • Open Reward menu.
  • Type amount of drugs.
  • Click on Invest.

There is a timer. You will get your steem after time that show there. Everytime value of drugs are up and down. So your rewards for drugs will up and down after invest. Besides you can share your fight on steemit. You will get 1 upvote per day from @fundition and will get a comment from @drugwars in your fight.

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Join Drugwars.
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