Are you advocating turning this game into @markymark's personal fiefdom? What has a bidbot got to do with @drugwars? How about we blacklist players with 'crypto' in their name? Or Steemit accounts?

Are you just pandering, or is there some actual reason for DW to base their actions on a bidbot's users?

I just asked, would be a shame if it is connected to markymark's game. So, was just asking because i didn't receive a single vote before today :D nothing else.

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Hmmm, I was not aware of this (but then again, it is morning at my place), will check it out with the rest of the team. Thanks for telling us about it.

Why does a bidbot's blacklist have an impact on DW?

Not grasping this - except that the bot is owned by @markymark, who has spent a lot of Steem in the game. If you start pandering to Big Steem, I'm out.

I won't be alone either.

I like Marky. Hes fun in a aloof kind of way.... That being said, it would be pretty stupid for a game to go with his bid bot ban list. For most part the list is solid but the danger is there for him to just fill it up with folks he doesnt like.

Hes just some guy with a bidbot and a lot of steem that when confronted with the question:

"Why is Bernie not banned, he boosts 3 word posts to the top of the trending page.

His response was:

Original content.

So really, im not sure taking his word on who should or shouldnt be banned is a good idea. lol

Are You know, that 35% of your share reward comes to drugwars? Some times upvote is much smaller or even no up vote, but tbey receiving 35% beneficial reward :)

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