How To Claim And Exchange Future with your Obyte Wallet

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Hey Steemians! As @drugwars said that they will airdrop tokens to all citizens they did! the aidrop is going on and if you want to claim those tokens Follow these steps Here


1 . Claim Your Tokens From:


2 . You will see Your Avalible tokens out their if you have Attested your steemit account with obyte than Click on "Claim"

3 . Than Go to your wallet and Open "Chat Tab ".

4 . You Will See an Exchange Bot Open It and Click "Open Chat"


5 . The Bot Will Send you a Message Like This you Have to click on GBYTE/FUTURE Pair


6 . Than the bot will send you another Message You Have to Follow his Commands like if you want to sell your tokens e.g : type sell 7000


7 . Set your price


8 . After that click on the Blue botton on the bottom left and insert your address and click send.


9 . You will get a message like that Confirm It if you want to sell .


Enjoy Your Tokens , Upvote and resteem appreciated ! and dont forget to join @steemcartel


Uh. Too complicated.
I failed to get anything. This airdrop is embarassment ((

@master-set You can write in discord Drugwars help desk room :). Obyte team helped everyone :D

I have a ton of useless tokens already. I'm too lazy to move my ass for another strange airdrop.
If they want me to get those, they must do it usable from the start.

Wow...this is informative. Thank you for sharing

Is there a way to attest a STEEM account again?!? After the airdrop of 8 months ago, I lost my seed and backup.
Any idea?

Maybe just create a new wallet ?

And attest it again.

Thank you Resteem appreciated :P xD

I click on Claim tokens but nothing happens.
Busy signal indefinitely.

I attested my account back when ByteBall airdropped to Steem.

Bro download wallet again and re attest to claim tokens :)

I don't understand what GB is
Why I'd want to sell my future tokens?

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Thanks for the tutorial! I just tried to sell my future token but the price is much lower now. I can only get $2.50 for 7000+ tokens! How's that possible?

I got 5$ for 12k+ you can set higher price but you have to wait for that and if someone place buy order with your order will be automatically filled but you need bytes to cover up fees.

Really helpful post for all