I Belong to No Clique

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I wrote this piece as I was creating this writing.
Poems have a wonderful way of expressing my pent up feelings for things.
I also want to thank all the great people over at The Writer's Block for their help.

You can't stand there and suppress the emotions I have inside my head
Telling me I'm wrong for expressing the shit that I've tread
The words that I use to describe my perspective
Shouldn't break your mind and send you on the offensive

You bring hate onto those with differing views.
Push away ones who oppose to fill up your pews
Surrounding yourself with ideals that match your own
Worship your monolith surrounded by drones

Quick with a straw-man, putting me down
Turn up your volume and tune me out
Double your standards along with your face
Leaving me slandered, and abusing your grace

Step out of your shoes and try to see
We're all just humans and equal beings

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Verry good post thank you so much

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