Ein Mädchen from Die Jahreszeiten - Haydn

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This is a short little piece by Haydn. Originally coming from The Seasons for sollists, orchestra and choir, I arranged it for a string quartet so that we could use it as an encore piece. It is an amusing simple piece that is describing a young girl trying to fend off the advances of an older man.

Performed in the Hague by my group, Farinelli's Ground on period instruments at 430Hz.

The translation of the German is as follows:

A Lord rode out one sunny morn to view the meadows round,
And spied a pretty country maid come tripping o’er the ground.
Dismounting from his milk-white steed he said “Come kiss your Lord”.
She trembling stood there and obeyed, poor girl, quite overawed.
[‘Fie, fie, why not say no?’]

He took this fair maid for a walk, her hand within his own;
“I want to purchase your true heart: ‘tis you I love alone!
I’ll make you happy. Take my purse, my ring, my watch so fine;
And if you want still more from me, then speak and it is thine!”
[‘Fie, fie, that sounds too good!’]

“Kind sir” she said, “I pray take care; my brothers - they might see.
And if they spread the tale about, what would become of me?
Were they not working quite so nigh I fear that I might yield.
Climb up upon that bank and see if they are in the field.”
[‘Ha, ha, what happened then?’]

Now as the Lord rose up to look, the maid to his dismay
Leapt on his steed, and like the wind she quickly tore away.
“I’ll go no more a-roving with you, kind sir” she cried.
He stood there in a fearful rage: denied, and then defied!
[‘Ha, ha, a pretty pass, the clever lass!’]


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This is a fantastic post, I really appreciate it upvoted

Thank you!

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That was nice, I was actually able to listen to it. It was nice of you to do the translation, but to be honest, when music was playing i was listening, not reading.

Thanks! Unfortunately, that can be the problem with music in other languages. You miss part of the story, hope the translation made things clearer in the music!

Actually later today, I was going to re-listen and then follow along on the translation, on this page. Easier to read here, than on the d-sound page, and towards evening i won't have as many browsers open.

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Thanks, I hadn't heard it until I went through some old recordings. Pretty happy with it!

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Thanks, nice performance and funny storyline!

Thanks, radio!

wow..this is a nice picture...I am an artist I like it..thanks for sear it... ☺☺☺


Thanks, it is a beautiful picture! I was lucky to find it, it fits well with the story.

What an adorable little piece! I’ll have to listen to some more of Haydn’s vocal works. Loved the arrangement, great job!

It is really a cute piece. The Seasons is also a great "oratorio", fun to play except it is a right pain in the @#$#@ for violins. You should check out the "Creation" as well!

I will do that! I’ll take a listen to them this week.

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I don’t know what a ginabot is! I’ll post one of these soon though!

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