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RE: "Transient Ways" Steemit Music League Challenge S2:R14 ~ Pump-up Music

in #dsound4 years ago

Yesssssssssssss what an incredibly high-quality, theme-fitting entry.

Love the array of sounds you use to build up the mood. Absolutely love that one you start bringing in around 1:08 man that's an epic sound.

You take us on such a captivating journey with this one I am fully engulfed in your beat. What an incredible talent to be able to hook the listener and keep the ears intrigued throughout 4+ minutes.

You definitely did not disappoint with this one. O weeeee you have all the judges rocking.

Much love and respect.


Ayyye thank you! This is definitely a bit of a longer beat for me [I usually try to keep mine clocking in at 3:30 at the longest] and also a bit different style than I typically mess with so it's good to see people are digging it!

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