Deborah’s plight

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Hello guys, am @christysmallz an artist under @renchakrecords and I decided to share this spoken word poetry with you guys, it's actually a piece I wrote and I just decided to use a calm instrumental to pass this message to all soulful music lovers... You would find the lyrics to the complete poetry below, although not as arranged as it was in the recording it is the actual complete poetry, I hope you guys enjoy it!

even when we're hot,
even when we're cold,
even when we're beyond what love can hold....

even when its me,
even when its you,
even when our spoken words turn to be not-true....

even when there's chaos ,
even when they blame us for being in this love story that isnt famous....

even when you don't listen,
even when our connection is found missing ,
even when it seems i've decided to stop listening....

even when we're not faithful,
even when it all becomes painful
even when i become very ungrateful....

even in my high and lows,
my yes and no's,
even when a threat i tend to pose

even with the hurtful words, the scattered thoughts
the sad flashbacks and dirty comebacks....

even when there's pain and no forecasted gain


SO; even if you want to go alone...
i'd be waiting when you're coming home...
and if you need someone to ease the pain....
you can lean on me

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Nice hope you can sing me as song that will go viral someday

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