A page once fresh (original poetry)

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A page once fresh

---original poetry & images---
----with reading on @dsound----


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.:Listen to:.
.:"A page once fresh":.
Being recited by me at these links:

.:► Listen on DSound:.

.:► Listen from source (IPFS):.

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The feeling of a fresh page
& the privilege to demolish its pristinity
Belong to no one - emptiness' own pleasure
& the backwards epiphany of adulthood

Introduction to unforgettable family
I forgot them in gargoyle passion,
Their blurred faces chase me cat & mouse.
Even the certain becomes increasingly vague:
Was my lover even real?
Was she thin smoke?

Cottage of strewn garments,
The paper from packaged goods.
Carpet that is a savior of the ghost alpaca,
Species that are dead and will always be dead.

Abstraction that pierces ligament:
Grinds teeth of iridium & titanium girders,
Loses everyone in a cartoon chase
With unpleasant sound effects.

Uncertainty is a divine face.

Electron bat, whistle of agate,
Cherrywood, pitch, oregano rotation in
An oscillating cube called flesh.


Again the witches' pentagon
Of a broken world breaking:

Pain puts it back together.

Sigh, grimace, joke, rolls eyes:
Lunacy in a 1950's grocery store,
Paleolithic or cyberfuturistic—
The melt of time kaleidoscopes.

It has me in its grasp,
I am soft wax, two decibels,
Eighteen-hundred inches of inches,
A pound is only a pound.

Words bring nothing, they say nothing,
They are crones, bony men, old hags.
They sprinkle sunflowers I am roasting
In death's nest-words fill this space.

Take all pleasure for themselves
Of emptiness' usurpation, but
They give a shining package
With nothing inside.


colortriangle-oncefresh 3.jpg


Recently, I've been catching up on uploading poems I wrote a couple of days ago. This one was written at night when I was in a very particular zone. It addresses the strangeness of words, beginning with a completely fresh page and ending with the dubious product of a completed writing. As always I like to address paradox, the mundane and the supermundane. I recorded it on my iPhone last night near my door where you could hear the whistling wind. Later added a few layers in Garageband and an outro with the ambience of the wind. I hope you enjoy this experimental piece! (Note, please let me know if you are able to get this poem to play using @dsound. Some people have been having issues playing the files. Also try downloading it to your computer and see if that works. Thanks!!)

colortriangle-oncefresh 2.jpg

Recording links:

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

colortriangle-oncefresh 3.jpg


negative-oncefresh 2.jpg
negative-oncefresh 3.jpg

Written & Spoken
By @d-pend

Photos taken
With iPhone 5 &
Edited using Lunapic.


negative-oncefresh 4.jpg


A beautiful write and read. I was particularly struck with questioning line ... was my lover ever real ... If we are truly honest, we can never really know if past loves were real or how they we were real. The memory is a liar. Sometimes it serves ego and sometimes it serves peace and contentment. It is best to welcome the white lies, perhaps. All I know is that those loves are not real now or only real as an evolving memory. Not particularly good to hold onto.

Great insights @prydefoltz. I always appreciate your insight and time in checking out my work. Hope you have an excellent Sunday eve. :-)

Thank you, d-pend. It is a pleasure. You are definitely one of the best here. Still early afternoon here. Going to get some sun.

Nice effects @d-pend. First the pictures and the sound are totally in tune. I like the choice of the cover pictures. Second the sounds are mixed in a way to wrap up the feeling of time blowing in the wind. The decentralized networks are still in infancy so sometimes they seem to fade in and out. One day I may buy an apple device just for garage sounds. I am working with audacity now. My next step is to buy a proper mic that can work with recording onto my android.

Finally, the poem to me is about a life written and a new page turned. It looks like you denied yourself again to write the poem using simple words. One life on earth begins and another fades away. I felt like this when both my boys were born. One day I was in the maternity ward and a week later I was at the funeral home giving my last regards to a grandma my child would never know.

Introduction to unforgettable family
I forgot them in gargoyle passion,
Their blurred faces chase me cat & mouse.


The poem touches my essence. In my opinion, it is about the beauty of the beginning of life and ends in the same way, but the beauty of death in the twilight of life. A good poem is when each person understands it in their own way. Thanks for sharing part of you in the prose. Greetings.

You are my inspiration..
I am still learning to write longer poems
Beautiful work you got here.....
Though I always read your work with a dictionary...
I've said this before!

Hey, @d-pend, your meditation on the empty page summoned this to mind, by Gibran:

“Said a sheet of snow-white paper, "Pure was I created, and pure will I remain for ever. I would rather be burnt and turn to white ashes than suffer darkness to touch me or the unclean to come near me."

The ink-bottle heard what the paper was saying, and it laughed in its dark heart; but it never dared to approach her. And the multicoloured pencils heard her also, and they too never came near her.

And the snow-white sheet of paper did remain pure and chaste for ever -- pure and chaste -- and empty”

Good Sunday 🙏🏼

@d-pend, I'm glad to tell you that, Dsound nicely working properly to me. You wrote powerful contents indeed nice poem this time. I always attention with your poem and unfortunately couldn't put any comment your last 03 posts. Now It's OK. Night times wrote poem, easy to catch words coz didn't come any worst thoughts at night time. Night time deserve for seep meditation.
A page once fresh expand my heart soul and vocabulary bring me easy mental control place. It's silence location without any crowd. Look your introduction of contents. Awesomeness write and you catch your deep thoughts on-time and contribute vocabulary deserve time. If not this poem not be success. Every time before write poem definitely stay with nature few moment or long term. Finally you given tremendous poetry to steemit world. Thanks for inspiration.
Stay Blessed.

I realize you are taking artistic license, but is 'pristinity' a word?

The state of being pristine?

Yeah, you got it @somethingsubtle. Maybe uncommon, but I'm quite doubtful I can claim it as my coinage. Seems an obvious extrapolation or something I've heard before. Just like pristination would be the process of something being rendered pristine. Basically all words can be transformed into any part of speech, especially in the realm of poetics, lol.

Great work and especilly nice voice to listen. Looking forward to hear more of your work!

Thanks very much! I find that the spoken version helps people get deeper into the piece. I appreciate you taking the time to listen @megy.fine.arts :-)

No problem my friend...Well, I love to listen more than reading and you are doing a great work with the way you are reading it to us...oh yes, I love the noise of the background XD Give it a few more noses, like opening bottle of some cat plying around, maybe rain? It will give it a nice atmosphere!

your video is very good
your poetry is also very cool.

I can not upload the video via @dsound.
my mobile phone is not reaching.
i just 3 minutes ago post a video, but not via @dsound :-( .

Thank you. You certainly have words.@resteemed

Glad you liked it @sarahmcdowell and thanks for the support.

I love this poem.. Listening to the spoken word just lifts my spirit. You are the best @d-pend

Thanks so much @nmalove! I appreciate the note of encouragement :-D

Your voice is beautiful ; Great poem

Beautiful words entire awesome poetry introducing @d-pend. I'm glad to read your poem and hear dsound clip. You encourage and motivate steemians via fascinating poetry. This poem increased more user attraction and stunning with deep meanings.

Thanks for give us a nice poem....
Sound system is awesome...your voice is nice.....@d-pend.
I am also writing and calling some poem
A deep night is the best time to calling a poem...

Thanks for checking it out @prince121! That's awesome. I agree that this time can lead to great creativity.

@d-pend your both poems are awesome...
I think, you are a good poet ...and you have a lot of poems
Am i right @d-pend ???

Haha @prince121 it depends upon your definition, but I would estimate I've written around 6 or 700 poems.

Wow !!!
Thanks @d-pend...
6 or 700 not less...
Can we get these after a few days in your blog @d-pend?


I tried to write a little for my teacher @d-pend

I want to pick up all the poems on earth.
I wrote back on our notes,
booklets from leaves, promise and memor

Not impossible for me and for you,
while my wings and wings blend.
My desire is your passion in time.
Then billions of poems will we write again,
with ink and holy pen, You are my inspiration today and until later @d-pend

I was wondering how can you write such poems, and what you noted above gave me a small view about how and when you get the mood to write ,

Daily practice, I am in the habit of writing a poem every day for 200 days. The differing times of day and night and different locations bring variance in the nature of the inspiration, but there is always infinite creation to be tapped into.

So i think it's all about inspiration , right?!

Yes, and especially being able to see inspiration in the places others do not. That is, in everything, potentially!

That's exactly what I thought, the same thing here when i take my shots, some times i see something that others can't see ,and that what gave them special look :)

you always make very good poems.

I also like to make poetry,
nqmun i rarely get a
ha ha,,
maybe my poem is ugly

Lol. Keep at it my friend. It's a great habit to have @munawire.

yes @ d-pend.

I will keep trying
hopefully someday I will be able to make a good poetry
I would be very happy if you commented and gave directions to my post
it is very happy me.
because my post is commented on by a great person like you @d-pend.
thanks @dpend

Sure, I will check out your work @munawire. :-)

DSound is such an interesting use of the decentralized apps. Good work.

"& the backwards epiphany of adulthood." Food for thought. I will have to ponder this one.

Thanks @dimarss :-)

Welcome @d-pend ;)

Nice poem keep writing

let the modernisation creates high class of life, and glamourity produces crowded of insanity, it is our choise to become a victim, a watcher, or hands of angel to save looser. keep staying on the bank of the river, staring on the abstract shadow, water fastly flow, ocean patiently waiting for the mountain gifts, and judge.

.* I do not know this matching or not, please judge*

your poem is amazing.

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I really like your cool words. They are polished refind diamonds. How can we appreciate great soul, greater than your precious jems.It feels like you have collected pearl from deep end of the sea and decorated [email protected] and resteemed

the fresh page beginning of a new age hahah its amazing :) thanks for sharing this

Wow! @d-pend, this is a really wonderfull write-up. Its inspiring. Thank you very much.

interesting way of writing i really loved to read that very beautiful i would say :) thanks for sharing

@d-pend finally i read a master piece. Never been into poetry, but i know a poet always give something to thought on. they crafts the word so beautifully to make everything revolve on it.....looking on the thought i am very much amazed...so much to learn.

Dear @d-pend

I was a child who grew up after the devastating tsunami waves hit. I live with the poetry of amateurs and I'd learned to you that much in there.
First I want to say you are the one who had blood art and literature. I'd love to be a part of your literary work. Should I reward You kah a poem in your chat?

Sorry if I was too presumptuous but I want my poems read by great people like you.
Thanks a lot @ d-pend
I very much appreciate the sincerity and decision from you.

For philosophy we need to follow socrates.For poetry william shakes sphere and @d-pend.You have a bright future.Your parents will be glad by thier child.such an amazing talent.

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Super cool work bro this has its own charm to it wonderful post

Wow the wind sounded like the ocean sounded amazing with you reciting your fantastic poem, kudos!

absolutely amazing poem work that is you are super creative :)

your poetry deeply touched my heart.

you managed to make me smile
thank you very much @d-pend .
Come view my heart writing .
I am dissapointed .

Thank you @d-pend

really like your cool words and especilly nice voice to listen

Thank you so much @lafifi! I'm honored you took the time to listen.

That's Beautiful Sound! 🎵🎵🎵

NIce. Keep up the work.

Your first post i stumbled upon was the one for the 100 days of poetry....i had never seen any of your works before and then i see this... And in the manner poetry overwhelms me, it overwhelmed me

Its beautiful and the message very deep...by the way when will the challenge be starting? I cant wait to see more beautifuk works

Such a classic wording with really deep meaning about the myth of life. This is so true that life is all about amusement in a materialistic world. I do agree what did you say above

Take all pleasure for themselves
Of emptiness' usurpation, but
They give a shining package
With nothing inside.

Life attracts every special event but yes at the end we have to die all....

power that moves is within us now and I do feel words and action blending in light that spells your name

I like your post and vote it. follow me

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