Stop Killing Our Friends - Original Music - @LyndsayBowes & @davidfar

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Music & Vocals: @LyndsayBowes Lyrics: Lyndsay Bowes & Massoud Nayeri Vocal Back: Brendan Bowes @Hendrix22 Music Producer (Guitar/Keys/Synth/Vocal Back): Davood Farmarzi @DavidFar

This song is one of the greatest songs that @LyndsayBowes bring on steemit and I also see this as a great project that I ever worked on it (has much special parts). this is the studio version of @LyndsayBowes Stop Killing Our Friends plus my addition parts, a meaningful song which I loved it from the time I heard it, you guys might have seen the video of this track which @LyndsayBowes shared, here is the link :
we were really happy to see how many friends sent their videos and photos for this work, Really thanks <3


Hands off Syria ~ Hands off Iran
Hands off Afghanistan ~ Hands off Palestine
Hey governments, Stop killing our friends...

Hands off Africa
Hands off all the gold
Hands off all the oil
We know what you want

Hey governments, we love each other, we're connected and we're saying stop killing our friends

We are peaceful and we just wanna be free, everyone I know is crying, crying everyday

All we are saying is, what we are saying is, all that we're saying is: Stop killing our friends

Stop killing our friends in Baghdad, Beirut and Gaza
We want to hear the sound of children's laughter ringing through the plaza
Your mean bombs and your cheap shots
Your demonic media and your rotten thoughts
Could never stop us from being alive and in love!

We are Alive and in Love

Peace & Love

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sounds really right

Hands off Africa
Hands off all the gold
Hands off all the oil
We know what you want

Dayum, yall got me jealous over here, wish I had that much musical talent! 👍

Much Love my friend <3

Good one. It's sound really meaningful and the Motto "Stop Killing Our Friends"

You are a musical master, and it was truly an honour to work with you again! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much Lyndsay! it's always an honor to work you!! <3 peace!

Good Job Bro ,I liked And Reesteemed

Thank you so much Bro Ahmad!! :) its your kindness!!

Beautiful song and beautiful melody Thank you for sharing

Thank you so much for the kind feedback brother!

Nice song, great sound. Downloaded to show some friends what you did here!

Appreciated! Spread the Love xoxo

wow even you also donate your steem doller to the poor people.nice thats great.i saw your image.thank

its a pleasure my friend :)

It feels so great to see your support for them. To spread the love i have resteemed it. May it helps
The video version is also great.

thanks for spreading the message, peace! :)

Sorry I can't stop listening to this. The choir at the middle just sends me away.

@davidfar made an incredible video for the song too if you haven't seen:

Thank you my good friend!! :) it means much to me!

Khili khub bud kheili khub bud kheili khub bud 💜

kheili mamnoonam 💜 :)

Awesome! Very haunting tone to it, perfect.

Did you see the video yet @fishyculture? <3 <3 <3 <3 I love your parts!

I hope that peace will spread

That is just so awesome! Thank you, I had not seen it!!
HUGS to all who helped with this incredibly moving piece!

Hugs back, thanks again for the prolific signage.

Thank you so much!

good sound and truth of lyric, earth do something, think about them.

thank you man :)

thumbs up @davidfar you are the master of music, @LyndsayBowes and @Massoud Nayeri lyrics great effort keep it up

Thank you so much! :)

Thank you very much for your feedback @moeenali!

Sounds awesome! i really enjoyed this :D i'm a singer too so i know i a good song when i hear one! <3

Nice to meet you! thank you so much for the kind words!

@davidfar......really excellent lyrics.......and a great message for government..........i like your all music and song........

Thank you so much AbontikaZaman

@davidfar does the killer listen to this song?

people will be together and find the truth through this way, or they must just watch Lies news

@davidfar I agree with you, because whatever the way in which the goal is a change.
and I think the killer has not listened to this song, don't you think so.

wow this is so beautiful music.. i like your all music dear friend.....

Excellent music...songs melody is really awesome...appreciate lyrical song... keep it up.

Thank you prova :)

Keep up good work sir... mind blowing music... you are really a music master... i like your post and follow you sir @davidfar

its your kindness bangash! :)

Thank you the vocal is by @LyndsayBowes also check the video :

Great tunes. Do you ever listen to any show of hands? You guys have a great sound and I thoroughly enjoyed that. Beautifully put together, can't wait for more.

Thank you MudCat, I'll check out Show of Hands!

sounds awesome. you really a great buddy.

Amazing work! I hope those you are speaking to take heed and listen close! We the people stand together! Tyranny will never succeed! Peace & Love, spread nothing but Peace & Love!

I am very grateful to @lyndsaybowes ...
My photos are in the #stopkillingourfriends video
Hope the world sees it ...
peace love <3<3<3

Thank you very much for sending us your photos! <3 It turned out great hey?

I'm just a casual person ,,,
I see, your care is very beautiful against our friends who are being oppressed ...
We all don't support this cruel act ,,,
Hopefully our support can awaken them ...
"Give them a place to stand"
May the world see the action of this good ...
Now it's time for the world to unite under the auspices of God ,,, defend the right ...
peace Love <3<3<3
Oyaa I've been watching the song "A perfect world" what does that song mean?
I have a little constraint in english hehe ..
Send me the lyrics ...

Love you @LyndsayBowes. Powerful plea. Sent me shivering.

Wow its a very nice song,what your choice it is!just mindbloing!

sounds good with interesting lyrics @davidfar

thank you it was @LyndsayBowes and Massoud Nayeri lyrics :)

its a very helpful post, thank you :)

Great...nice voice