Davood Faramarzi - The Afternoon - Original Music (Creative-Acoustic-EDM)

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Artist: Davood Faramarzi aka @Davidfar

Title: The Afternoon

This track's name was Mouth which I changed it to The Afternoon, in the first version I started a project and I sing some notes like da da dada da , which you can hear it as Acoustic melodies intro in this track, but in the older version it was my voice on it. so for this newer version I chose my acoustic guitar to play all the melodies of synth and my Vocal Capella ( it's old name was Mouth because I started it with my voice melodies) so at the end I mixed and mastered it and reversed guitar in some parts.

On Choon : choon.co/tracks/0qm26z_22qm/the-afternoon-acousticcreativeedm

This genre is something between Acoustic and EDM.

Peace & Love!

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► Listen from source (IPFS)


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