Rifle Of Chords by Ed Privat

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Hey there,

This is a song from my first album Neo , it's an acoustic track, I hope that you enjoy! I wanted to explore that type of rhythm at the time :)

I am on "SPOTLIGHT ON THE ARTIST" right now if you wanna come chill with us you are welcome!
Normally I write a little bit more than that, but I am trying to concentrate on the show and writing at the same time it's challenging hahaha


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Really like the rhythm of this whole song man!! I mean 'Just listen to the rifle of chorddsss...~' Hahaha

Thanks so much !

Always making great music. Sounds good man

Thanks bro :)

What about your new album? Did you finish? I missed last 3-4 months here

YEs, well now it's just an EP and I am working on it with the help of few talented producers. I am actually still wanting to work on your tracks, I was writing a draft on one of yours too that you sent on discord :)

If you ever find a beat of mine that you would use tell me so i can send u. I tried to make a beat ffor u 2 times but didn't finish them :D

Super voix, vibrato. :0)

Tu peux m'en dire plus sur ce groove guitare?
On ressent des influences africaine dans la façon dont tu abordes ce groove, dans les couplets surtout. Le refrain est plus soul.

MErci !!!

Tu peux m'en dire plus sur ce groove guitare?

Inspire par l'afro beat, je sais pas si tu connais. C'est genre un peu dancehall, ou ragga, super syncope.
Le refrain est plutot melo...

Non, je ne connaissais pas forcément justement.
Mais j'ai trouvé le riff super intéressant au niveau du groove! :0)
Faudra que je teste. Avec les notes de liaison ça le fait bien aussi.
Merci pour les infos!

Au plaisir l'ami!!

Nice vibe to this one 💯🐒