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RE: Never Forget You by Ed Privat

in #dsound4 years ago

I got to be honest boss, most of the time if I can deleguate the mixing and mastering I do so, because I am partially deaf and secondly this is a job of its own , a science .
I just barely try to get correct levels and it takes me hours but that's fun to do it every day and learning something new .On this song i 've learnt a lot about mixing deep bass and vocals, and how to get a nice doubling effect on a lead by duplicating and slightly moving on of the track a milisec forward


Yeah this is good technique :) read about compression, limiters, deessers, sidechain, saturation. I think this is basic thing to learn. It took me about 2 years to start using compression & limiting properly

I have studied sound engineering in DAW in a music school for 2 years, then learnt on Protool because that's what they use in France. I am more a Cubase guy and I have been working on it for 15 years now since i am turning 33, I am used to the gaters/compressers/deeser/limiter on it lol.
I like Ableton as well. Each DAW has its own charm, I am actually working on building a DAW on the blockchain it's called "" and for now it's slow because I am looking for devs.

I do little miracles every day because my pc crashes on export once i have more than 5 tracks so I am happy to get the new pc going, because that's really what limits right now.
The more computing power the better

A yeah i have the same problem :D but my music doesnt
need more tracks than 5 :)

What if an advertisement company orders you some very specific shit? Like the track from the movie gladiator. Yeah I prefer minmalist arrangement in any case. Where's my daily beat ?

:D I posted. Yeah i definitely need to buy new pc :D

Nice let me go check!

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