"Drop tha Dope" preview by Elder-Son (MARC BOOMIN' on the beat) [Dsound]

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Marc Boomin: https://twitter.com/marcboomin313?lang=en

  • Make sure to ell him Elder-Son sent you for beats, mix/mastering.
    This song is not yet finished. But is a full product of @elderson Montauk Productions.
    >>>> I hope you enjoy the new direction I'm going with this. After the second verse is done you may like the throwback I put for the hook.

Thanks for landing on the blog. This song took a lot out of my this afternoon. My jaw feel like it needs a massage. Good thing BlindaMac can professionally do that lol. We have a lot more exciting things to come. Stay tuned.

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great blend of styles

Thanks glad you heard it. @wav-dr