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It is a pleasure for me to refer to today's song in this musical area; Always Venezuelan melodies. It is a Suite for Symphonic Band consisting of four melodies in rhythms characteristic of Venezuela: the first is the Song-Serenade Fulgida Luna, this song was compiled by Maestro Vicente Emilio Sojo; the second melody is the Vals I will not forget you the pianist Manuel Guadalajara; the third melody is the Merengue Here comes the ball, by Carlos Bonet; and, finally, the Joropo Golpe Sabanero, by Manuel Briceño. In this opportunity, these four melodies are masterfully performed by La Banda Marcial de Caracas in arrangement prepared by Daniel Milano Mayora and under the musical direction of Rosa Briceño. This Suite is the Track Nro. 7 of the Album titled To a Countryman.

This work is a sample of the tendencies that, in the field of popular composition, instrumentation and arrangements, have emerged in Venezuela throughout recent times.

Estelio Padilla

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