Knowing Venezuelan traditional-popular music. Today's song: Arena (Sand)

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The federal entity framed within the federal territory of Sucre State in Venezuela, is the result of a high syncretism and a dynamic cultural diversity. This piece of land in the east of the country shows us, at present, an interesting and significant musical universe that enriches its collective feeling and its heterogeneous daily life. It is in this socio-historical-cultural evolution where we find the indigenous, European and African musical contributions that have merged to offer us that beautiful musical range that this federal entity called Sucre State possesses.

With this brief introduction, we present today's song: Arena, an Oriental Joropo Sucrense or JOSU Francisco Cortesía (Chicomono). This piece of music is part of the album CHICOMONO Y SUS MONITOS (2013). This Album is part of the Musical Heritage Collection made by the National Disco Center (CENDIS, Venezuela). This collection was made with the purpose of spreading the musical work of the popular cultists of Venezuela. This song is in the form of Joropo with Arpe Strike and is contained within the genre of traditional Venezuelan popular music that we call JOSU which is the result of that rich cultural hybridization that we mentioned previously.

Francisco Cortesía (Chicomono) was born in Cumaná, Sucre State in 1938. Since 1945, Chicomono has not stopped playing the mandolin; Through it he has managed to swell the repertoire of oriental traditional music with instrumental compositions in rhythm of Joropo Oriental Sucrense or JOSU. His music is prolific and, at the same time, is nationally recognized as part of the Venezuelan oriental tradition. In 1995 it is declared by the Regional Government Living Cultural Heritage of Sucre State. In this opportunity, Chicomono manifests with sobriety and elegance his artistic quality in a "live recording".

With this we reaffirm the value of our musical expressions and their popular cultores, thus demonstrating the immense creative potential of the people of Sucre State.

Finally, we must emphasize that, in spite of the strong globalizing process of culture, the devaluation and the loss experienced by some of the musical expressions in Venezuela today, in the Sucre State the musical tradition is maintained, through the permanent process of miscegenation-hybridization and resistance of our traditional and popular manifestations because they feed on the constant inventiveness and deep popular roots of its cultists and Chicomono is living proof of this. .

Estelio Padilla

Album Title: Chicomono y sus Monitos
Production: National Disco Center (CENDIS)
Executive Producer: Wilmer Álvarez
Song title: Arena
Author: Francisco Courtesy
Genre: Oriental Joropo Sucrense (JOSU)
Musical Form: Joropo with Harp Strike
Performer: Musical Set "Los Monitos"
Maracas: Jesús Manuel Gutiérrez
Bass: César Martínez
Guitar: Luís Acuña
Mandolin: Francisco Cortesía (Chicomono)
Mastering: Rafaeli Padilla and Valentina Rodríguez
Replicated: CENDIS
Legal Deposit: FD6682013430
Caracas - Venezuela 2013

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