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RE: DSound: Delegations, curation and new community building strategy. This one is Big News!

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Hi @prc I would love to contribute sounds that I record from all around the world to Dsound. I have a Steemit account but I cant login or create an account. It also shows me invalid private posting key.
I clearly make something wrong or what am I missing?
Best Marcel


Great to know that you found your way in! Thanks a lot! :) We loooove your work and it's an honor to have you here! Looking forward to your uploads! :)

I just came home from an incredible sound recording! I went into a lighthouse in Vietnam what was actually built by the France in 1912 buy a Company called BBT Paris. Incredible sound that you may know from Horror Movies! I will publish this sound tomorrow! :)lighthouse.jpg

That is really cool! Looking forward to it... :)

Iam working on it right now! Will be available on my Website in about an hour and tomorrow I release it here on Steemit. Quality over Quantity but I am more than happy to send you the link before.