Soundtrack: Village Church

in #dsound4 years ago

In a little warm up session for a cheesy, final fantasy-esque music album I plan on doing, I came up with this.

If you've been reading my previous music posts you'll know that I have always struggled with keeping things simple, which is the aim of this sound track. Simple, leaving simple images of pretty scenery in your minds. So yeah this was a little practice since I haven't been very actively musical as of late, and certainly not with old-fashion MIDI-esque digital music from the 90's like this.

In my head this came out feeling like a visit to a glorious yet quaint church in a forest village somewhere, but again I'd love to hear where anybody else's imagination took them while listening!

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


That's super cool! Simple is good in this case!

I just finally got one of my two best friends to sign up for steemit, you should check him out whem he starts posting- he's an excellent musician, and he'll be posting a lot of his original music and music theory posts and such on steemit.

Awesome, drop the name and I'll follow, I've been meaning to expand my musical presence here - slowly but surely ^__^

HAHA nice music. Followed

With the pipe organs in the beginning definitely imagine myself being in church. But when it transitions to the happier more relaxed tone the mass is finally over and the beautiful colorful world opens up.

Didn't know about DSound. Looks like there is D for everything now.

Heh yeah, there's even a Dporn I found out just yesterday... when will it end! Glad you share the imagery I had =D


Sure reminds of all the years I spent listening to the organ at church. The backgrounds are amazing how it dances the air through all the pipes while the deep ones continue. The melody gives it the light fantasy fantasy town feeling.

Have you tried a spooky organ version? May try with some Mozart-style rhythms. Mozart wrote some haunting stuff.

Oh lord, I had to conduct requiem in my University exams... I had such trouble with Lacrimosa and Tuba Mirum... They weren't difficult as such, I was just a nervous wreck during those for some reason. Perhaps over practiced... This brings back haunting memories!

I did indeed plan on the first 'proper' track to be something expressing trouble brewing so I may just follow your suggestion!

Lol... Is this your definition of a village church?? Of course not. It sounded as a classical music at first but later all I could hear was an ancient organ playing something with the accordion voice on the right hand I think...

What you never had accordion players at church?

It's a blue moon something, lol. Accordion here is not very very popular like the remaining instruments. I'd only play accordion here if I have the strength to tell at least 100 people that this instrument is an "Accordion" Lol.

Are these sounds from Saxophone or Organ?:) I'm not a music person.
Sounds cool though :p

Definitely a Saxophone! And the banjo plays the melody

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