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Hello Steemians! Nick Visco here to bring you an original segment fresh from my @mspwavesradio show, The Hip-Hop Shop which airs every Thursday night from 11-1AM UTC time, 4pm-6PM PST or 7-9PM EST.


Lyrical Exchange is a segment which pits me up against weekly challengers who attempt to out shine my originally written verses over classic/modern Hip-Hop beats. Once my challenger and I perform our verses, I have my audience decide who brought the better rhymes for the week. For this segment I go up against my homie Mike D. who brought some fire, tune in to find out who came up on top for the second week!


To those of you who do not know, I just recently quit my job after a very long and stressful year of trying to claw my way out from the bottom. I was employeed by a radio coorporation in NYC whos sole mission was to keep fresh graduates like myself at the bottom with no hope of promotion. Fed up and enraged, I decided to quit. Only issue is, I have no backup. I literally jumped without a safty net. Although scary, i'm excited for whats next. This verse takes you inside my head and conveys my frustration with my current circumstance. I hope you enjoy!


Please comment your thoughts below, who do you think had the better verse and which instrumental do you think I should rap over next?


If you want to challenge me on my show, be sure to come by the MSP channel on Discord to hang out. I also interview weekly rappers so if you want an interview, let me know!

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Nick Visco

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The Hip-Hop Shop

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