how to upload your steemit profile picture using STEEMIT html code

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how to upload your steemit profile picture using STEEMIT html code.

when you login into your steemit account.
click on creat a post icon at the right top corner of your page


when you get to the creat a post page,
*The first box is for title post
*The second box is your post content.
*under the second box you will see:
"Insert images by dragging & dropping, pasting from the clipboard, or by selecting them"
click on "Selecting them" writen with green color.
it will then take you to your phone galary
you will select the picture you want to use as you profile image.


it will upload your picture in the box inform of html code

copy the htlm code starting from https://steemitimages....
Note: dont copy the ' ) 'with the code


https://stee mitim ages.m/DQmRpRdhWNKzvJdV9Jvb sLSmNeEobU52zJMiF uvwJ6/IMG_2018031172016.png

after copying the htlm code.
click on your profile icon at the right top corner of the page


now click on settings icon


it will take you to your profile settings
Public profile settings.
then paste the picture htlm code you copied to the profile url


and if you wish to also use the same picture for yOur cover image you can paste the same html url to the cover image url


but if you dont want to use the same picture, you can upload another picture.

hope this help you?


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