If you were the first, you win! I will need to confirm that via steemd.

I have read every comment. You win!

You were not only the first, but the only one who got it as of 2 hours into shabbat.



Congratulations to @offgridlife. That was fast .


Congrats. Not easy.

Thank you very much. Your lessons must be working. This little Italian Ojibwe from Canada is learning Hebrew.

I was very nervous about posting these sacred letters as some people would copy and paste without knowing the significance of this very sacred name.

I feel the same way. Since I wrote that you won, I have not been able to get back on line. My computer (which runs for 8 months at a time without breaking a sweat) needed a restart and only half the programs run now. I have got back ups of my passwords but typing in posting and active keys is not fun. I can't pull up a text editor.

Well, I am limping here, but I will check the whole list. I don't work on Shabbat but I was able to get my computer half up and running just before sunset. Craziness.

I am trying to read the text and listen to the audio at the same time from my phone as I ride the train to a Construction job site. Who would ever have imagined learning Hebrew this way. Only on Steemit.

The sound "O"..... Vowel: cholam is missing from the letter Heh in the text you posted.

Maybe there are other words like this .... I will keep looking.

Thanks. I had to listen many time through and compare with each letter of the text. A difficult challenge but made for a very enjoyable afternoon on the train.

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