I am new here, are there more Christian or bible users that you know of or follow?

I am... but I am more interested in learning Hebrew from indigenous Hebrew speakers. I want to learn how Moses and King David and Jacob and Jesus spoke in their Native Israeli Hebrew Jewish tongue.

That would be awesome. Ill be keeping an eye out for similar topics.

I have tried to learn Hebrew many times so that I could understand certain portions of the Torah, Talmud, Zohar, Bahir, Sefer Yetzirah, the Dead Sea scrolls that piqued my interest but I coul never understand the vowels .... I am fascinated with the Hebrew Aleph Bet

That's awesome I haven't got that far yet I had an interesting conversion experience roughly 5 years ago. I've been wanting to take Hebrew classes but circumstances just haven't allowed that yet. Are there Christian tags or Christian groups on steemit that you know of or any bible/Torah readers?

Yes they are. He speaks fast - I know what it's like to learn, so I slow it down and show the motions as your eyes should find letter, vowel, letter etc.

I will listen again this evening ... would be great to have the full text of Genesis 1 (B,resheet) read at various speeds and posted to DSound