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RE: Never Forget You by Ed Privat

in #dsound4 years ago

Your voice was very smooth on this track. If you were a Nigerian, I'd ask; How many onions did eat before entering the studio?

Really nice bro, we will always be by your side. One💑love


HAhaha that's a cool expression man .I hope you are all good don't forget to ask for another song request my friend there is no shame on being rewarded several times !

That's nice. I love rewards, I mean who doesn't?

Here is my request: "All of Me" by John Legend

Nice choice one of my favorite track probably best just guitar voice , or HouseI will see how I feel the vibe

Feels good to have picked your favorite, can't wait to hear your version bro.
Good morning.

You too bro ! Africa is waking up with a sunshine this morning

And it's already hot.