So sweet of you to say! I've never been into theatricals or acting, but it looked like a fun contest. What the heck, right? ;) Thank you for listening!

Better to jump in than be on the sidelines... I don't do professional voice overs, but have just kind of monkeyed around with voice for some time... My major hindrance is having a reliably quiet recording area :O

I listened to your spam rant #2 on dsound. You are hilarious! It is very cool how you could act out the different voices and take on different characters. I could never do that. Acting was never part of my talents. I'm relying on my voice alone, but not sure how far that would take me either 😂.

Why didn't you join the steemmonsters audition? I'm sure there is a role for you there!

Also, I appreciate your kind support. :)

Thanks 😆😆😆

You might like the playlist then

I can't imagine doing voice as a living, I don't like my regular voice at all! And not having some training or a studio is a big obstacle.

SteemMonsters audtion? I don't know much about it.... 😆

Hi @overkillcoin. Sorry about the late reply! I've been so sick the past week with a ferocious cold. I still am actually. It doesn't want to go away. :(

I'm going to check out the playlist. You should really audition for the the steemmonster voice audition. I know there is a character (many in fact) that you would be awesome doing. Check it out, the link is below.

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