Paradigm Prospector & Fairy Kingdoms - Cloudrun | SML Challenge S2:R14 "Pump-up Music"

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My entry for the SML Challenge S2:R14 "Pump-up Music".

It was a spontaneous collaboration I did with @fairy-kingdoms in where we tried to make a fast beat with high energy that tries to manage staying smooth and airy as if running a thousand miles per hour on fluffy clouds. It was a blast!

Special thanks to all my listeners, as well as @chiefmappster, @derekmiller, @beat5e8, @inthenow and @dsound

Here's a backup link for the track:

Produced in Ableton Live 10 & Bitwig Studio 2.3
Enjoy <3

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► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


The build is great, you really had me sucked in. Once it starts to speed up it really gets you pumped. Perfect for the theme!
What elements are you using Bitwig Studio for? That's the first time I have seen that program mentioned.

Perfect <3
I have been using Bitwig for a few years now and settled on it after using many other DAWs. I use it for everything. Fairy-Kingdoms used Ableton and I used Bitwig. In a way then everything is done with both of them.
I have done several tutorial videos on it and will get back to that once the festival season is coming to an end, you can see them here:

You using bitwig as well?

No, I am not your mention of it was the first time I had ever heard tell of it!
I use FL Studio.
I am going to check out your tutorials just so I can see what the program is like, thanks!

I started with FL as well <3
The first video would be best as it shows some overview:

You can also download thedemo for free off their website and tinker a bit. Basically it is a fully modulational daw, meaning you can tie anything to everything else, like you normally do within a traditional synth.

You using the new FL Studio? I bet they have improved it even further since I last tried it.

Or just some producing without all the talking ;)

Yeah I checked out both of those videos already :) haha
I've been using FL Studio for nearly 13 years now so I don't really feel like getting into a new DAW haha.
I haven't checked out the latest version [20] yet, the most recent iteration I have is 12.
However, I still use FL Studio 9, 99% of the time [I use 10 through 12 for certain plugins that don't work with 9] because I became so familiar with the interface on that one and some of the changes they made in 10 [which was a huge revamp for them] just didn't compliment my workflow.

Ayyyy what a collab between you and @fairy-kindgoms. Two of the most vivid producers I have ever heard.

Love how you set the tone in the first 1:20 and then elevate it to the next level with those sounds and tempo shift (perceived).

I feel like I am floating, moving through the sky like a superhero listening to this one. Those synths are nutssssss.

And around 2:41 I feel epic listening to all these sounds come together. You two sure know how to blend sounds to create such vivid imagery.

That sounds you bring in starting at 3:22 ads such a dynamic element to the entry as well. Props to you to for that one.

And love those vocal snippets you have throughout. What a way to influence the subconscious :)

Much love and respect you two for taking the time and effort to create this EPIC entry.

Wow thank you so much my chief, that is music to our ears. Immersion is so important to us and we have still a long way to go until we are where we want to be with our music - working on it tirelessly.

This collab was a real blast!!! Thank you for the amazing theme. Much love my friend <3

A nice music for the ears which clears mind.

So cool to hear it, thank you brother <3
I greatly appreciate your ear and continued attention.
Much love to ya <3 <3

Welcome dear! Much love to you too.