DSound: Delegations, curation and new community building strategy. This one is Big News!

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Hey my DSound tribe! :)

As promised, here I introduce all of you to the first important news of 2018: DSound curation delegation and strategy! :)



What is DSound?

DSound is a decentralized web application, developed in Javascript and React, that allows anyone to upload, listen and discover music and other sounds stored on top of the IPFS Network. It uses STEEM blockchain as a persistent database, and by posting the sounds the authors can earn rewards in STEEM cryptocurrency, when other users like their content, which can be exchanged easily to US Dollars, Euros or any other currency, similar to Steemit.com for blog posts.

Check DSound Intro post for more details

@dsound delegations and curation

My huge thank you to everybody who delegated to @dsound, more specially to @ned and @misterdelegation who delegated a big stake to help build the DSound community and reward good work built on this platform! :)

So I've put online a set of curation and voting bots that will be constantly analyzing the published sounds and the response from the community and based on that will upvote the sounds that are getting more interest, as well as others that follow certain incentive metrics that I cannot disclose to make it more fair.

This will only be a helper to the manual curation that I always like to do, as a music lover personally, as well as other curators that are being selected. I listen to DSound all the time! From podcasts to DJ sets or cool original tracks, I've found great stuff there and is getting better by the minute! ;)

So my beloved DSound tribe, the @dsound account has began to upvote your content, when you post those amazing sounds of yours! I bet some of you already noticed...

I'll also put together a table of honor for the delegators to @dsound on my updates.

And this gets us to...

DSound Discord Server (the tribe gets connected)

Please join me at our the Discord server at:


There you'll find a few channels to have everybody from our growing community getting together and making DSound even better. The steemit.chat channels will continue but will be less checked from now on...

  • # announcements: Official announcements from DSound (read only)
  • # general: General community chat. No sound or post promotion
  • # suggestions: Suggestion of new features or improvements for DSound
  • # support: Support requests and general help for using DSound
  • # promo: Promote your sounds freely here... Only DSound links please!
  • # submit: Submit tracks and artists/bands for consideration on vote bots... Please don't spam, max 1 per week per user!

With this our tribe will be much more connected, and much more to come using this platform...

Well, and rules...

Curation rules for the bots and curators

The curation bots are in fact just faster and restless helper hands to put in place what me and the curators envision as fair incentive to musicians and content creators on DSound platform, so it is based on consistency and quality of work and not blind.

As a music producer and DJ myself, I am running my own label for some years and I'm counting on my A&R people to help curate DSound content with the same professionalism and dedication. :)

So the rules will be that there are no rules, but a set of principles that can guide you:

Quality is much better than quantity

In fact quantity in small time window will be useless, as the bots are aware of who they voted and will ignore people that just post because they can... So I would advise you to post once a day or so, to get the maximum love that the bots can give. :)

Discussing curators decisions will not get you anywhere

The bots are following orders of flesh and bone human curators, so don't go down the spiral of trying to find technical reasons for your track not being picked... I would suggest to look at this from a humble perspective instead and be happy when your track is picked! In the end it is the curators call to pick a track or not, and there is nothing I can do either.

Begging for votes will not be tolerated

Track listening and appreciation take a load of time and effort from the curators, so it's useless to beg for votes since the vote is only the last part of an entire process. It would be much more interesting to put your energy in producing better content, recording it better or being more creative. Then submit your work again and try to score that so deserved vote! :)

Submitting content or creators to be appreciated by curators

Content and creators submission will only be accepted through the # submitDiscord channel created for this purpose. Please do not discuss anything on that channel, only a post of the content or creator will be enough for it to be checked by our curators. Don't get anxious or demanding, you'll not get any reply. Our curators will examine not only the piece of content you posted, but the entire profile on DSound and decide. If you see a vote, then you'll have your answer...

Every single vote is manually checked by curators

All the votes are manually checked for content quality and is the curator call to remain with that vote or not if it was automated. So if your content changes radically or if that particular content is of lower quality then the curator expected, the vote may be removed. Again, take this as an incentive to become better at your content production. You can always get selected again in the future if you continue improving! :)

Attempting to circumvent this process will only get you blacklisted

Continued insistence or attempt to get excessive gains by "hacking" this process will not be acceptable! This is in place to give incentive to the community and to reward great work. It is not to be tried on. Please be respectful and humble. Any actions that may be interpreted as such will result in blacklisting those users and no more votes going in their way... Please don't choose this route...

Final words

Together let's make DSound that platform that frees us all and allows us to do what we love: music, sound design, recording, remixing, mashups, podcasts, or whatever is your thing... :)

I am positive about this curation incentive, as the needed fuel to bring DSound to the masses. Please pass the word to your friends! If they produce great content, they will produce even better in this platform...

Let's see DSound get to the next level, tribe! :)


DSound has some big delegations and is now curating the content properly.

If you would like to delegate to DSound, please do so. The community will be very grateful!

Also please vote for my @prc Witness here. Thank you!


Thanks a lot to all fellow members of DSound tribe, all steemians, developers and music addicts like me for your support and encouragement on this project!

Peace! :)

"Music is what feelings sound like"
DSound <3 Music


These are awesome news for us musicproducers & dj's @prc!
I am looking forward to see what will become of DSound in 2018.
I just joined the DSound Discord group ^-^

Thanks a lot bro! :)

How I get it:
DSound is basically a Soundcloud Clone, but without all the Nonesense: No Advertising, No Upload Limitation, No Centralisation


I am quite new to Steemit and have found it very confusing but I get at least one "aha!" moment every day so I'm getting there! :-)

So I can't say I understand everything you have talked about here but I am very excited to be part of the DSound revolution!!

I am uploading my back catalogue at a rate of about 1 track a day and now that I know about the discord channel I will start using that today.

I am also inviting members of my website AtomCollectorRecords.com (2735 registered musicians currently) to sign up but I am doing it slowly rather than sending out a mass email.

The main thing I hear from our members is that they don't have the time to get involved in yet another website/app/service, etc. so I have started a VLOG to show them which channels they should concentrate on. You can find my very first episode here: How To Make Money As An Independent Musician, Episode 1 - an Introduction.

Really excited to see what 2018 brings for independent musicians and thank you for your efforts! I have upvoted your Witness thing even though I don't really know what it means! :P


Good to have you as part of DSound tribe! :) Thanks a lot! :)

This is one of the greatest news I have heard on steemit. I am so happy for this. Please watch out for me. You would always love to hear my sounds. 😁

Also I just voted @prc as a witness. Cheers!!

Thanks a lot! :)

@prc - Thank you for the phenomenal work you do on DSound. It holds so much promise and I'm very happy to be a part of that community.

These are more awesome updates! I'm waiting for some of my previously delegated SP to come back and I will be reallocating it to DSound.

I very much believe in the vision - you guys do great work. Thanks again!

Thanks a lot man! Continue to share great content! :) Loved your remix of @soundlegion...

I also greatly appreciate the work being put in here and I am happy to delegate to dsound. Huge love to [email protected] you are sparking new hopes in us artists. You as an artist yourself know how much heart and time goes into good sound creation. all day love

Great news and initiative. Dsound is amazing!

Thanks! :)

Just joined up on the discord server. Super pumped to mix up my content between dtube and dsound...im having a blast making videos but good lord are they time consuming. Being able to bang out some live modular synth jams and have the immediate gratification of putting them up is going to do wonders for my output consistency.

Perfect combination! Cool! :)

Finally got my first DSound submission done in the nick of time in the hotel lobby before getting wisked away to the next venue. Was too excited to get involved not to!

I've only just started uploading my catalog to @dsound and I've already received your upvotes. Thank you so much! I discovered @steemit because I was curious about releasing my new projects on a blockchain and this experience with dsound has only been encouraging. Thank you for the opportunity and the inspiration!

If you received upvotes, then you deserved them! :) Keep on with the great content... Thanks a lot! :)

Thanks so much! Have a great weekend!

  • I'm having a hard time signing up! Need help?


Did you figure everything out?

  • yes, I sign up for it.

Please join our Discord server as written in the post above and ask for help in the # support channel. Thanks! :)

Id like to know if it possible to upload with a smartphone since i havent got a laptop

Not yet, besides really small files... But in the next version it will! :)

First of all, muito obrigado por ter criado DSound! é muito bom mesmo essa iniciativa. Although I did upload my last sound through my smartphone!!!, however today after editing the Steemit post, all my tracks lost the thumbnails, and my latest track is nowhere to be found. I don't knwo if it was because of uploading from the phone, of because the steemit post had more than 5 tags. However it's gone. Here's the link to the post I had to edit after the problem: https://steemit.com/dsound/@greencross/unlazy-live-jam-take-techno

I though maybe you would want to know about this.

And by the way, it doesn't let me save any new sounds, although the upload process goes correct.

Valeu abração!


As both an independent artist as well as a music fan and networking expert (in the old social media world, I have yet to learn Steemit) I'm amazed to see the possibilities with Steemit.

I really hope it will be a part of giving the power totally to the artist and the consumer/curators without greedy middle hands. I rather see the people who gives us artists and music lovers this platform getting rich than the people just exploiting our work.

And also thanks a lot for taking an interest in my music and upvoting two of my tracks, that's really appreciated.

I'm looking forward to stay in touch and be a part of taking this community even further.

Thanks a lot for your words! Please join the Discord server... :)

Awesome! I am excited to upload a lot of new music to DSound in 2018.

And the world is happy to listen to it! :) Thanks a lot!

very good news!

Yes! :)

Great things happening here!

Steem is like this... It never stops! Thanks! :)

Really looking forward to this! Already voted for your witness. Best of luck!

I am still very new with this platform, but so far enjoying the things that I have found, and noticed new people enjoying my music, win win! This is all exciting news, I look forward to its future!

Thanks for being a part of this! :)

Thank you for explaining how this works. I've really been enjoying DSound!

Thanks a lot! And thank you for sharing your work on DSound! :)

Wow loved your post...loved reading it....it's amazing....thank you for sharing have a good day

Great content! Best dsound

Thanks for the update @prc. Imagine my surprise when I saw an @dsound vote drop on my podcast. I'm having such a BLAST experimenting with dtube and dsound to bring my considerable gardening following over to decentralized platforms and this type of support is a wonderful encouragement!

~ Kevin

Thanks a lot Kevin! Continue the great work! :)

Very good post, Greetings know me new in steemit, please help if there watu please see my post

This is great. All the best with taking dsound forward, @prc!

Thanks a lot! :)

Cheers, doing my bit for the site too by uploading mashups! :D

I discovered dsound a few days ago and I must say I'm loving every bit of it. Big thanks to the developer(s) and curators. BTW, I love that tagline "Music is what feelings sound like." 🎶

Thanks a lot! :) Yes, that tag line is my preferred for ages, I think it describes what music is for me... Just wanted to share it to the world and for people to understand the 'Ethos' behind DSound and its love for music!

Its great post . . . . i have followed you and upvote, follow me too please :)

These curation news makes it a lot more fair!

Great stuff prc!

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to your sounds man! :)

The information I've been looking for.
Thank you so much @prc

Thanks a lot! And welcome! :)

Ah now im more excited to start posting music and audio content there ^^ thank you so much for the very insightul post !

Thanks! Please do so... :)

<<<<Currently uploading all my music and over 100 podcast episodes to DSound. THIS ROCKS!

Thanks for getting your content to DSound! Just a hint, you upload great content and DSound would like to have your content supported, but you just upload loads of content at once... I really think it would be more beneficial for you to upload once or twice a day, so that the curators could get your content supported. Please think about this! :)

Bring it all baby!! this is great. you are working your butt off and its paying off DSound is off the charts and I only see it getting better and picking up more engagement. huge motivation to the community and will be continuing to support. DSound is part of my physical promotions for my music and my collaborative artist music house.

Thanks a lot guys! You have been such an inspiration and motivation for us too! Your sounds rock!!! And it fills sooo good to see DSound getting so much great content so fast and getting to be a real monetization platform that is helping fellow musicians around the world... Big thanks to you guys and your promotion of DSound! Keep on rocking!!! ;)

Wonderful your music my dear.... and sound also good, i like this post. thanks for sharing art..... all the best...

Just voted @prc as a witness - steem on!

Thanks a lot! :)

woow excelente idea

Great, thanks! :)

This is very helpful! I am a huge fan of this platform. I have a question I was hoping you could help with, can you contact me @prc? Email [email protected] I am having an issue with the steemconnect, allowing it to Cross Post onto steemit or the API calls for steemit itself to post from another site. Can you assist? Thank you for all your work on dSound !

Join me on Discord server, as described in the post. We can chat there and see what I can help you with... Thanks a lot! :)

learned about Dsound only yesterday and am very excited about this platform. For musicians and producers, it seems to be much more promising than Soundcloud

Soundcloud is good when you have a huge following and for archiving content. DSound rock in the monetization part and building a following! :) Thanks a lot and looking forward to you content! :)

Hi! been enjoying checking out tunes on dsound and plan to start uploading. Just wondering if the Dsound integration with MUSE is still happening

Looking forward to the evolution of MUSE... Let's see what the future brings... :) Please do so, we love new content! Thanks! :)

I am already preparing my first steemit upload! I am very excited about this! I voted your witness too! Keep up!

Thanks a lot! :)

Thanks so much for the update! It's been great being a recipient of the curation votes already. I'm very thankful to you and the DSound team for maintaining it as another great way to access the STEEM blockchain.

I look forward to continuing my podcast series on DSound, and I hope to publish music there eventually as well. Best wishes!

Thanks so much guys! Keep on the great work! :)

This is SO dope! I can't wait to release my album on Dsound!!! Congrats & well done on the hard mahi (work)

Mihi koe! :)
Looking forward to your content! :)

Thank you! Nice Maori ;)

Thanks for setting up this project. The whole decentrailsed ethos of dsound is a really exciting prospect for musician. Have loads of music to upload

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to your content! :)

This is awesome. I know a few musicians here on Steemit!

Thanks a lot! :) Please spread the word... DSound has a lot to offer! :)

Hi @prc I would love to contribute sounds that I record from all around the world to Dsound. I have a Steemit account but I cant login or create an account. It also shows me invalid private posting key.
I clearly make something wrong or what am I missing?
Best Marcel

Great to know that you found your way in! Thanks a lot! :) We loooove your work and it's an honor to have you here! Looking forward to your uploads! :)

I just came home from an incredible sound recording! I went into a lighthouse in Vietnam what was actually built by the France in 1912 buy a Company called BBT Paris. Incredible sound that you may know from Horror Movies! I will publish this sound tomorrow! :)lighthouse.jpg

That is really cool! Looking forward to it... :)

Iam working on it right now! Will be available on my Website in about an hour and tomorrow I release it here on Steemit. Quality over Quantity but I am more than happy to send you the link before.

Really excited for all the updates @prc!

The progress of DSound and how quickly others are adopting it is incredible and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

DSound is showing the signs of valuable community.

Not only is the content great, but the contributors, artists, and listeners are are too, and I’m happy to be apart of it.

If you haven’t signup up for DSound yet, do it now and be on the ground floor of this fantastic sonic community.

Thanks a lot Mario for your support and interest! :) It's so good to have people like you in the community!

loving DSound so far! excited for further opportunities to connect, listen and share great sounds from around the globe!!

Thanks a lot! :)

Amazing man!... I do noticed some huge upvotes on some of my posts and some friends, this is so great news!

Thanks a lot man! :) Your sounds are awesome, the merit is yours guys! Thanks a lot for sharing in DSound! :)

Its my pleasure, i find exciting the idea of uploading my music to the blockchain rather than soundcloud, even if we are still in beta and much have to be improved... You are doing a great job and i am sure there are still more great thing to come :)

this is a great new breakthrough, I will try it. this is really amazing.

Please do so! Thanks a lot! :)

sounds interesting

Cool! Thanks! :)

Great initivative, and good luck with this!

Thanks a lot! :)

I can not login, you know why? I hope you can let me know and direct me. Best Regards @prc.

Please join the Discord server as mentioned in the post. There, me or other community members will help you! Thanks! :)

Doesn’t seem to play on iOS 11 / iP7

Mobile is not yet ready, it is kind of but not fine tuned. I know it sometimes play, but others doesn't, so I'll have to fix that in future releases, but now is not a priority... :) Also there will be a listening and music discovering mobile app in the roadmap! Please join our Discord server and contribute with feature requests and bug reports there... Thanks a lot! :)

Hi, My friend i want to upload a padcast to dsound but it can not complete the action. for 3 day i can not upload a file with 3 Mgbyte. please giude me

The upload will be a lot better soon... Please stay tuned! :) If you want to try in the mean time, please head to our Discord server and place your issue in # support channel. There myself or other people can help you for sure... Thanks a lot! :)

Nice to get connected with the community in Discord! Looking forward to meeting you all and one day to a playlist functionality in Dsound:)

Thanks a lot for sharing your work in DSound! It's an honor to have you here, loooove your work! :) So proud... DSound is only in Alpha stage and so much great artists and content creators joining!!! Thanks a lot to take this ride with us... :) And playlists and albums will be on DSound for sure in a near future, thanks a lot for the feedback... ;)

Right on! Sounds great man! Keep on keepin’ on! Good luck in the coming year!

Thanks! :)

De lujo hermano, de esta forma podemos escuchar la verdadera musica y apreciar el genio creativo de cada artista, cosa que no sucede cuando los compra un sello musical. Genial hermano, sigue adelante. Exito

Muchas gracias hermano! :)

I have some music I want to upload but I get an error that says...Couldn't create account. Server returned the following error:
Account creation error, try again. Any suggestions?

Please join our Discord server and chat about it on # support channel there. Either me or someone else will get you going for sure! Thanks! :)

@prc could you add an option to dsound so we can post there, but not in our steemit blog. i don't want to fill my blog with single sample or one shot posts, just so i can share my audio files with the community

My friend! THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS PLATFORM!! Now I have a legitimate platform to get back into music and creation! Mad love my man!

Hello @prc and Steemit community! I'm excited to get start into DSound. For now, i'm not able to upload my songs. I really am too newbie to this IPFS issue, but I'm learning slowly! I also hope to be able to show my music on DSound very soon!

Thank you for the updates. I'll join into your Discord group too.

Are there any plans to integrate existing music? I'd like something like spotify where I can make a playlist of my favorite songs. Is DSound the wrong platform for me?

Thank you so much @prc ! :) thanks for all the hard works that you do brother!
Dsound was really great from the start till now! and we keep producing good stuffs on it!
I love your message :
"Music is what feelings sound like"
Peace and Love!

one bit of input:

it'd be great if could integrate the 'waveform widget' for tracks posted on dSound within Steemit posts.

I have seen SoundCloud tracks embedded in Steemit posts. would be awesome if could do the same with dSound's, instead of having to redirect away to dSound to listen there... ;-)

That is so great! You deserve the delegations and I know you are putting them to good use, you are helping to change the lives of "starving artists"! Such a noble deed. Now they are earning incomes from doing what they love!! This makes me SO HAPPY!!!!!

I'm going to vote your witness now, I didn't know you had one!!

Very awesome @prc! As a podcaster, I just started using @dsound last month and am eager to see continuous support and updates for this great program.

Big fan of this idea - Finally got onboard and uploaded my first mix. Recommendation, based on that - Trying to promote the idea on Facebook, and noticed that linking directly to a dsound post from there doesn't presently give the nice cover image / description that a link to a soundcloud post does. I'd imagine fixing this should be somewhat trivial, and would go a long away towards making it more visible from that angle. Thanks!

You can find Russian version of this post HERE

Русская версия тут

What a great app, congratulations man!
I have one question which probably 100 people have asked before but I just did not find the answer: is there a way to search DSound for tags, genres, names, bands etc? I see the trending, hot and new menus. But where do I search for specific sounds or keyword?

Looking forward to connecting and contributing ✊🏾

its says my private posting key is invalid when i try and login

Hey why is there no search button on the website?

I am now there! :))

Hello i was wondering what quality does Dsound playback?? if we uploaded WAVs are we hearing WAV playback???

Curious concept. So.. it's like Steem or Dtube, but for music? How.. do copyright for some uploaders work? What if they upload someone elses song?

I'm so stoked that there's a discord channel now. See y'all there !

Hello there @prc I'm going to ask something that's OOT, but could you please give links how to upload in Dsound? because I CAN NEVER upload my file,, i tried different browser, different file, etc...nothing.. on top right of the page always says error... thanks

I had a similar problem and still do on my mac. I used a PC running windows 8 using chrome. This has worked so far but is still hit and miss. The upload fails 1 in 4 times still.

I used chrome,, in windows 7, 64bit and still nothing... at least you got it uploaded man.. >_<

Fantastic and informative post . Thank you . I have recently discovered @dsound and believe it has the potential to be an amazing space for the sharing of sound. I have been making music for myself and others for many years . @dsound is the most exciting platform ive ever come across.

You have my vote by the way .


Is there an API for DSound?

Voted @prc ! DSound is really a magical place. Brilliant work. It's such a pleasure to be part of what you are building.

Have a great weekend!


Hey man, so I've been uploading on Dsound consistently, like everyday, and before I would get some upvotes from Dsound as I was continuing to be consistent, but then all of a sudden there's no more upvotes coming my way. I love the service you guys provide, but was just wanting some clarification for this?

The interesting thing to is the my quality, like recording quality, has gotten BETTER but yet the votes just stopped coming altogether, while I see some people in my same category getting upvotes every time they post, no matter if they are engaged in the steem community or not.... Don't want to say any names.

Just thought I'd say something and ask if there was any type of thing I was doing wrong with my recent posts on dsound??

Yesss nice one!
So here i can say thank you for the vote dsound :) I‘m looking forward to post my music on dsound and find other creators to hook up and make stuff together!
Future is bright wooopwoop :D

Don't thank, the merit is yours! Keep on the good work! :)

best of Luck!! abraço de Portugal

Thank you for creating this platform. I supported it when it started back in August and then Utopian took over my life for the last 3 months that I had forgotten about uploading my music on dsound. Thank you for this update and surely I will upload my piano performance for everyone to enjoy.

dsound is a great platform. I like it very much . thanhs you

cool will you open the source on github?

Vote me dsound 😁

Fantastic platform, kudos to everyone on the team. Can't wait to see what the future holds, and I'm particularly excited for the playlist feature.

Today is my first time upload my voice on dsound, then I got your enxouragement, thanks a lot. The first time I used my voice get so high reward, I have around 500 followers in cn community, I think there will be more and more good Chinese people who like music will involve in your dsound. Thank you.

I can't say how great is what you are doing. The community is getting stronger every day thanks to initiatives like that. The best wishes from a brazilian guy that is already in love with DSound.

I came for Dsound ! DSound is really fascinatingDSound is really fascinating... I am trying to contribute :)

Hi @prc, I just visited my page on @dsound and all my original music uploads are gone. Is there a glitch in the system? Was the deletion deliberate? How can I get the songs back on my profile?

I just discovered you and I congratulate and wanted to show you my appreciation for your work towards the steemit community, voting you as witness. I am not a musician but I do ASMR, it means I whisper to give people tingles and help them fall asleep.
Would you suggest me to use dtube platform for it? Maybe I could do one try and submit it to discord channel? Let me know your thoughts before I go ahead, please!

dsound is an awesome plateform and i love all the genuine people in the community

This is awesome! I've noticed the votes on my music and it's a really cool incentive to keep creating content and I'm now even telling a story where people is connecting with my music in a great way. So thanks a lot for all the work you do for us. I'm super excited with all this, seems like it has a good future and I'm happy to contribute my grain of sand and if possible, I'll be able to contribute with something even bigger in the future!

Good information
Good work best wishes for you

Thanks! :)

This is the beginning of some real awesomeness

Yes it is! Thanks a lot! :)

"Music is what feelings sound like"

I am enjoying DSound and will be uploading my original music day by day. Thank you for your work on this.

Just stumbled upon this info! This is amazing and a game changer imho. Going to move all my tracks here one by one. Keep up the good work all that makes this possible.

I'm not only excited about having the opportunity to share my music on DSound / STEEM blockchain. I'm also stoked on contributing to a community of fellow sound creators of all genres, not only collaborating creatively but also revolutionizing the next evolution of the music industry.
We have the potential to create an artist-run network that actually compensates the artist. I find the streaming business model worse than the horrible record deals people have been getting throughout the years. Another bonus is since this isn't an ad-driven website we will become a trusted source to find honest art that doesn't have a corporate agenda or censoship. Looking forward to the future of dsound!

Just came across this as I am new to Steemit. A lot of excellent advice and insight here, which I will surely follow. Thanks for posting. Rock on...))))