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RE: "Transient Ways" Steemit Music League Challenge S2:R14 ~ Pump-up Music

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You nailed it again :) - great work!! - I wish I could have some lessons from you for mixing and mastering - your sound is always perfect in my ears. I wanna koooowwwww! ;)) -- haha. Good luck with the contest! ..Cheers...


Thank you!
As far as mixing and mastering goes for me I honestly don't feel like I do a great deal, haha but maybe I do more than I think.
If I find a sound isn't mixing too well I will use Fruity Parametric EQ 2 on it and fiddle around with that until it is sounding right.
At some point during the arrangement of the song after I am satisfied with the number of instruments etc. I have, I will solo each track and make sure it isn't clipping and lower its volume appropriately.
It's nice to hear that you think my mix sounds good haha because that is always something I worry about because I really don't go too crazy with focusing on the mix.

Thank you for your reply! I think i make the mistakes with the volume - I always think it's not loud enough - I also use Fruity Parametric EQ 2 on almost each solo track - but my tunes still sound like mud most of the time - I hope one day I will find out what I am doing wrong - but for now I start to lower the volume and keep focus that it is not clipping.
I am always frustrated when I hear your sounds and then mine - haha - you are my role model for good sound now ;))