Empire of Lights - Is There Something Wrong With Me (feat. ProgRockDan1)

in #dsound3 years ago

This is a collaboration track with the great Soundcloud musician ProgRockDan1: soundcloud.com/progrockdan1

ProgRockDan1 sent me an instrumental base of synths, and drums, and bass and I spent—over a period of nearly six months—working and reworking it to build up a song. I sang and played guitar.


Bright lights
Deep breaths
Don't fight
Don't stress
You've got the whole world
Lying at your feet
Wait for one more day
Wait for one more week
Is there something wrong with me?

Cold water
Pound my fists
Against the walls
Can't stand
Can't sit
Does anyone give a shit?
Is there something wrong with me?

Is there something wrong with me?

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nice guitar work man, cool colab

Hell that guitar sounds AWESOME!

Who knew you could play the guitar like that, so talented :-)

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