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Welcome to Ones Perspective!

Hi all you great steemians, whalesharians, or where ever else you are happening to see this!!!

It has been a moment since I have been on here. I have been working hard on getting into a better position to do this more full space!

This is a song I collab'd with my good friend Dragonikk, it took us a bit but we got it done before the deadline! So Yay to Us!!

This song is for the BlockChainMusic contest hosted by the Main man inthenow

I would get more detailed but I am happy that we finished it. We used LMMS as the daw and mastered it using audicity.

I would like to introduce to all of you to my best friend Dragonikk and will let him tell you a little about himself and what he thinks of the song which will be his first song helping to fully create(please tell us what ya think for a first timer)

Yo, this is Dragonikk and thank you for listening and checking out the Track, This was a new experience for me and a mix between a challenge and an experiment mixed into one but the process was exhilarating and intense to get into the roots of what goes into making music.

Yea it was a grand experiment indeed, So with out further a due. I give you....

Grimm Speak

Comin' in like a jackhammer,
Sabertooth tiger lightersaber,
Blazer of the eternal flame,
Token ganja all while one plays,
Shavin' reality back from tha black,
And white fight tongue tied an blinded,
Time is gone moment now to shine,
Bright all signs unified under sun lite,
Keep that soul enlightened to spirit,
Walk tall but not on top of anyone,
Silly child, children full grown,
Running around attempting to be,
Captain of the hill, taking poisonous,
Pills filled up with only damagin your,
Human body, sitting there with a muffin,
Saying you care about other people,
Wake from this dream fake we made,
to something tha true creator created,
Tha universe is showing you tha truth,
Always, always forever one is here in your memories....

Photo taken and altered from pixabay

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)


'Sabertooth tiger lightersaber'!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing post with us!

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Thank you so much for reading this message!

Excellent production, my friend! Those lyrics hit deep in the subconscious, for sure!

Thanks man much appreciated! Biggest song I have ever made!!!

With your will to create, it can only get bigger and better from here...

I feel like I am playing a retro video game....Like an RPG game....Keep it up

Right on! Thanks the theme was soundtracks so that works out great it gave that feeling!!!

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