Panshake #3 - Pan's Hop

in #dsound2 years ago

No time to waste. Next one. Microblogging stylee. Soon you'll now why ;)

[insert creative description here]

wanna give it a name?!? - ok, go try yourself.. Balkan Dub Glitch Hop Global Bass GhettoSwing Rhythm'n'Bass

#real #roger #remix

1st time using #palnet hashtag without even having ever posted on PAL - shame on me!.. but hey, FREE PAL!!! 8)

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


Welcome to teh wonderful world of entertainment! where lights camera and action are a language!

@isatul many thanks! Have you also checked out the others of the series?!? 😎

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Its #amazing . i like it . x7L2VSNEiyAB5Ux7nxKmLo6yLyEJT6Jt5yhNCUpGN591WKY6T7X46wQQFtZ5CRzEdPtJBK8LQRcWwpq.gif

thats 10 in 10

great that you like it @kingrefrat!! 👑 Thanks for the dope 10! 😎
Have you checked out the other mixes of the series? Might be suppen 4 u 2!?! 🤙

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