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RE: Several passages read in fluent Hebrew - as promised.

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You are doing a great job of teaching Hebrew..Being Christians here in India I hear about Hebrew since my childhood..Good to see one from that expertise..Now it is the time to look for your previous posts..Thank you!


Every Christian should learn to read and speak Hebrew and read the Torah as Jesus (Yeshua) did.

I am fascinated that St Thomas travelled to India around 50 AD to begin the Church in Kerala. The founder of the Nasrani church in India

Yes..I'm from kerala..I have even visited the place in Chennai where St.thomas believed to have been martyred.

Are you a Nasrani Christian ? What do you think of the gospel of Thomas ?

Christians here are divided into many groups.. Im not the one from nasrani.
I still am not able to digest how St.thomas managed to reach India in that period.From Israel to India and again travel all over south India bare footed!
I have read from Bible that St Thomas was only disciple who didn't believe at first the resurrection of Jesus Christ..Now I am following the same path of him,Being rational!

In the end he is one of the few apostles that recognizes that Jesus is God”;