Losin' My Mind

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Music and Lyrics by Rich Tapper. Recorded by Rich Tapper. Drums, bass, guitar, and vocals by Rich Tapper.

So I've heard that everyone is born equal
And I've seen the race to the edge of the sky
Cuttin' down brother and mother just for another
Nice, big, fat and juicy sweet slice of the pie
Between the lines of the secrets and whispers in the dark
Is the shine of the belly of the snake in the rays of the sun
Some keep losin’ themselves piece by piece, day by day
Shedding the skin of the dead years left behind

Sometimes I think I'm losin’ my mind
Making deals with the devil just to get by
I've watched the most precious things curl up and die
Sometimes I think I'm losin’ my mind

Once again in front of a door that won't open
Unless I take it upon myself to kick it down
Everything I've ever had, had to be stolen
I carry the keys to the world on the soles of my feet
I never thought that it would be this easy
Havin' to live a life that was so hard

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