Say Something

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Music and Lyrics by Rich Tapper. All instruments and vocals by Rich Tapper.

Let’s take it slow
But let’s do it
In a really short time
And let’s be funny
Until it hurts
So you’ll never
Have to cry again

And count your money
And wonder why
You could never buy
To crawl deep inside your mind

Let’s lie to each other
To make sure we never
Ever know the truth
Forget the questions
Because my answer
Isn’t what you want

I’m kickin’ in
The fuckin’ door
Of your whole fuckin’ world
And you will beg
And you will plead
For me to never stop

So take my hand
Before I stand
Far away from you
And all you have
Will be forgotten
Just like the truth

And look alive
Before I find
What signifies you’ve been denied
Cause when it’s gone
There’ll be no harm
Done here today

This song is featured as the music in Episode 14 of the Dreaming Life podcast which caters to the inspiration of creativity in all people, which can be found here on dsound:

"Say Something" also can be found on the album Big Push by my band Big Push. You can stream this song currently on Spotify or listen on iTunes here in these links:

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


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